RePost Monday – More than Just a Quickie!

RePost Monday - More than Just a Quickie!Who Says Sex is Just for Mere Pleasure!

3 Reasons to NEVER Feel Guilty about those Quickies!

Check this out.  Did you know that you could cut the death rate in half by having a 5 minute sex session?  A health journal in 2012 states that people with MORE orgasms lives longer than those with a lack of sex in their lives.

Forget apples! An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

For the man that has a minimum of 350 orgasms in a year lives about four years longer than men that do not.   What can you do with all those spared years feeing up?  Well, the possibilities are endless.  And if you have more than 350 per year who knows how long you could live a healthy life!

  • Sex is good for your heart, cutting your risk of heart attack and stroke in half when performed three times a week.
  • Sex is good for folks that suffering from headache or back pain too.  Moments before reaching orgasm, levels of the hormone Oxycontin surge, releasing pain-relieving endorphins, easing your aches and pains naturally.
  • Sex boosts your immune system and by having sex twice a week, it can increase the immune boosting antibody  immunoglobulin by 30 percent.
  •  Quickies burn Calories and can effectively contribute to your workout, helping you maintain or even lose weight.

This may be a sleazy prescription, but boy does it feel good! So begin this regimen QUICKLY!

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