Tuesday’s Love Jones – Building a Little Personal Rome!

How long did it really take to build Rome?

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” is what people say when it comes to waiting patiently for things.
You probably think you know what it means, but not only was Rome not built in a day; it was also at least 1000 year ahead of the rest of the world when it came to engineering.

“Rome was not built in a day” and have no idea how long it took to build Rome. But if it were like any other city, they are probably still working on it. Just like relationships, Cities and countries are always works in progress.

Why, the Romans aqueducts alone brought a constant flow of water from distant sources into cities and towns, supplying public baths, latrines, fountains and private households. Most Roman aqueducts proved reliable, and durable because of the careful, well studied, well planned and specific engineering skills they put into building one of the oldest cites in the world that sustain a population of over 1,000,000 people.

The same building power as the Romans can also holds true for couples. We are not built in a day or even a lifetime. As people, we are never finished until we die and even then we will not be finished, so what makes us THINK that healthy relationships can be built in a short time?

Rome's first aqueduct Put a wedge in it blogs
Side Note: Rome’s first aqueduct was built 312 BC and The aqueduct is a technology that has survived the test of time. Yes, aqueducts are history but they are also progress.


 Essential tools to build a health relationship…

  • Stop – Take a quick pause and pay attention to the current situation in your relationship.
  • Look – Assess the happiness level of your relationship. If there are areas that need looking into…do something!
  • Listen – Take time to listen to your lover…even the things they may not say.
  • Learn – Pay attention to his/her actions.
katrina gurl

If you need a coach……I am right here!!!

  • Grow – Growth comes by putting action towards everything you have evaluated.

LIVE and LEARN. If we truly learn more by living more then it will be an easy adjustment to work on building something strong in your relationship that will last. The real goal is not to finish, but to make progress in your relationships every day. When we work a little each day on something, we eventually create our own individual Rome.

Do you think your relationship can be as powerful and the history of Rome?
Have a happy Tuesday 🙂

5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Love Jones – Building a Little Personal Rome!

  1. Excellent post! One comment that you made, really stood out to me: “As people, we are never finished until we die and even then we will not be finished.” I try to tell people this whenever they tell me that they want to “get themselves together” before dating anyone. I understanding wanting to have some order to your life prior to dating someone but you’ll never be 100% where you want to be in life if self-development is important to you.

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