Tuesday’s Love Jones – Un-badged Detectives!

Have you ever heard the saying: A Jealous Woman Can Do A Better Investigation Than The FBI?

Sure you have! However here at PAWII Blogs, we think it may be a little deeper than that and if I may firmly speak for a few women out there…we think it has a LOT to do with our gut feelings INSTEAD of mere jealousy.Screen-shot-2013-01-02-at-8.15.52-AM-378x414

When a woman has a gut feeling about the man she loves, her first initial reaction is to check in to the situation to make SURE that she is not disregarding the feelings she is having. And yes, we are also aware of the old saying: If You Go Searching For Something You Just Might Find It!  But again, when a woman double checks her man due to a gut feeling or should I say, Woman’s Intuition, she is not REALLY looking to FIND dirt on him,  She’d much rather that her natural intuition be appeased by realizing that the man she so dearly loves is as CLEAN AS A WHISTLE!

A gut feeling is that unexplainable feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you desperate to check his phone. It’s that nagging, loud, bullying, screaming voice in the back of your head that tells you he wasn’t where he said he was. It’s a stomachache. It’s unwavering doubt.

But if you listen to your gut, if you listen to that voice in your head…if you really listen, it always knows what’s right.

Women don’t want to become detectives in relationships, but sometimes men leave so many obvious holes in their lack of communication skills that it tends to set the relationship up for failure in the long run.  Trust is the magical power of any relationship and without it; you need not expect to be successful.

Decoding a Liar: “There are no easily detectable signs that indicate lying, so even if you’re adept at reading people, you can’t infer dishonesty based on the other person’s gestures or behavior,”

In closing, sometimes circumstances disprove our initial gut feelings. Sometimes we need time to admit to ourselves that our intuition was right all along. But by asking ourselves questions like these, we can often hasten the process of figuring out whether our gut is just chattering or providing wise counsel.

Take a deep breath and these steps BEFORE you become the little spy in you to surface

Woman-thinkingAsk yourself are my gut instincts in line with my logic? If your intuition and your rational thinking are telling you the same thing, you probably have nothing to worry about. That’s because when all the arrows are pointing the same direction, it’s pretty clear which way to head. But when it comes to love and romance, things are usually more complicated than that, so be sure to keep a clear head and balance the two.

Make sure your gut feelings are not fear-based!  If fear and insecurity is the case, that doesn’t mean that your gut is wrong, but it might mean you should take them with a grain of salt. Dig a little deeper. Is your fear based on actual danger, or is it fueled by old baggage you’ve yet to unpack and unload. Sometimes what seem like your gut talking can actually be old hurts and wounds getting vocal. If so, some healing, therapy, prayer, or straight talk with yourself might be in order.

Is your gut feeling saying the same thing as close friends and family who know me well, and whose opinion I respect? If so, it adds solidity to the intuition you may be trying to dismiss. Pay close attention when your intuition and people you trust are speaking in unison.

Is your gut feeling consistent over time? Sometimes we put emotions on the back burner. Our intuition is talking to us, but there’s no immediate danger or need for a quick decision, so we give things time to see if future events confirm or recalibrate our instincts. But if that nagging small voice has been consistently giving the same warning for a while now, it’s wise to take heed.

Does my gut feeling keep a good track record? Flip through the pages of your memory and consider the times your intuition has kicked in. Did you follow your feelings too quickly and later regret your haste? Or did you ignore your intuition and wish you had listened instead? The past won’t necessarily tell you exactly what you should do this time around, but it will indicate if your intuition is typically reliable.

Don’t allow denial to set in!  It’s easy to develop blind spots when our emotions are focused on the possibility of lasting love. Still, most of us know the stubborn truth down deep, though we may be unwilling to admit it to ourselves or anyone else. Ask yourself honestly if you’re fighting your intuition, even if somewhere inside you know its spot on.

Are you in tuned with your gut?

3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Love Jones – Un-badged Detectives!

  1. Good post as always sis. Though I agree with a lot of this to an extent and also would like to add it also applies to some men I think a lot of these situation can differ depending on the relationship and circumstances. Some other factors to take into consideration are issues from past relationships that could arise and relationships with parents. I know I’m a firm believer in the fact that, you should pay close attention to your relationship with your parents. That’s because I feel like that relationship with your parents will be reflected in your relationship with your partner. I also think that most issues in the relationship should be between the people in the relationship as a lot of outside influences may not have as deep of an understanding of your partner as you do.

    Eh, I’m ranting. Just sharing my thoughts though good post.

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