Tuesday’s Love Jones – Keep Your Lover In Great Expectations of You!

Tuesday’s Love Jones - Keep Your Lover In Great Expectations of UAt some point, almost every relationship will become routine and vague but it doesn’t really have to.  An awesome way freshen up the romantic life is to find ways to surprise your spouse and put a smile on their face.  A little happy moment can go a long way to restoring the spark in any relationship.

Unfortunately, relationships tend to become boring and predictable over time, and it requires effort by both people to keep things fresh and fun. The good news is that even simple, quick gestures can be incredibly powerful romance boosters.

Tips for new smiles in your relationship…

Dress Up

When couples get comfortable with each other, they often neglect their appearances. You know that would have never happened when you your first met, so why do it now?

Putting effort into looking good for your lover can bring back that spark that brought the two of you together in the first place.

Be SpontaneousTuesday’s Love Jones - Keep Your Lover In Great Expectations of You

As the years pass by in a relationship, couples often settle into a dull routine that can dim any light that was ever lit before; this is why surprising your spouse with a special, out of the ordinary activity you can do together can be a great way to put the spark back in your relationship.

Try New Things

Fill up the tank one weekend and just drive somewhere…stop in a town or city you’ve never been and just explore and enjoy time together…simple as pie type of stuff, right?

Pick up a Gift

A great way to surprise your spouse is by buying him or her a special gift. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, and it doesn’t have to be given on a special occasion.

Clean Something

If your husband usually mows the lawn, why not mow it for him one weekend? Taking over a chore usually done by your spouse can be a happy surprise.

Tuesday’s Love Jones - Keep Your Lover In Great Expectations of You!Relax Together

After a busy day handling life’s responsibilities, tell your spouse you want to spend some time relaxing alone with him or her.  Even if it’s only an hour, this time can be a daily relationship pick-me-up.

Good Morning

Each day, surprise your spouse with a good morning kiss. Not only will this keep intimacy alive, but it will start your spouse’s day in a happy way.

I Love You

Although you love your partner, you may forget to mention the words “I love you”. Every now and again, whisper these words in your spouse’s ear if you want to keep the spark alive.


Sticking a love note into your partner’s pocket or purse is a great way to surprise him or her in a loving way that will help keep the spark alive in your relationship.


Almost everyone loves a massage, and it’s even better when it’s a surprise massage.

Give one of these ideas a try today and enjoy the smile on your spouse’s face and watch the romantic renew sooner than not!

Have a happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Love Jones – Keep Your Lover In Great Expectations of You!

  1. Great post sis. These are several refreshing and bright ideas a lot of people out there don’t really consider very often when they’ve been in relationships a long time. I hope people drop by, read this post, and are able to get some ideas that will help their relations!



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