Tuesday’s Love Jones – Sexy Story Time!

Hello and Happy Tuesday Folks!

Today we are doing things a little different. We are encouraging couples to dig in, use there imaginations and read a sexy story. Unlike porn, it enhance and stimulates the mind in a positive healthy way and ushers a couple into using their sexual imagination to the fullest benefit in the relationship.  Today’s story is by a dedicated segment called ‘Sensual Agendas.’ This one is entitled: #TEXTTAIL

#Text Tail by Katrina Gurl

Landis was sitting in his office going over some figures for the upcoming meeting just as he received a text from his girlfriend…

Dakota: I’m looking @ that pic U sent me again…

Landis: Oh yeah…

Dakota: I can image myself wrapping my lips around the head of it.

Landis: Damn baby! I’m @ wk…wht u tryna do???

Dakota: Well, u must have wanted me to look @ it…you sent it!

Landis: Not while I was @ wk lol…

Dakota: U don’t want me to whirl my tongue around the tip then get on my knees to take in all of you?

Landis: Damn, baby!

Dakota: You don’t wanna watch me hide your dick in my mouth as you run your fingers through my hair???

Landis: Hard as a rock w/ a meeting in 10 minutes. DAMN!!!

Dakota: Ok ok I’ll stop! Call me later

Landis: Well, I do have a second…finish

Dakota: Never mind…

Landis: Girrrrl!!!

Dakota: Ok ok…can I tease u, stroking your dick between my breasts and then suck the head when it reaches my lips.

Landis: Oh SHIT girl!

Landis: Can’t wait to get home!!! Gotta go babe…imam call you.

Meanwhile, Landis un-tucks his shirt to hide his sudden bulge and then heads for his meeting.  It was the end of the day, so it wasn’t an unusual thing for neck ties to be untied and shirt a little loosened from the hectic day.

The meeting was called to order.

Back at “The Glams and Nails Salon” where Dakota worked; she had a little time on her hands while waiting on her next client to arrive.  Dakota just kept on sending text to Landis explaining in detail what she wanted to do to him.  She wasn’t too worried about it disrupting him in the meeting, because she knew Landis ALWAYS put his cell on silent when he had these meetings.

Dakota: I want to feel your hands all over me.

Dakota: I need you inside me, right now!

Dakota: I am so damned wet for you for you Landis!!!

Dakota: Love when you watch me cum!

Dakota: Come straight home after work…I WANT YOU!

Landis eased back in the chair waiting for the chairmen to go over final agendas.  The meeting was pretty boring as usu….going over the same stuff that was gone over last week.  Literally, nothing new was motioned! Landis sat there trying to look interested and involved by shifting through papers as if he was keeping in tune with what the chair was speaking about, a the while looking at his cell over his lap slightly under the desk.

He noticed a new text from Dakota, so he opened it….started reading it…pictured her doing these things to him, rehearsed it in his mind and before he knew it the bulge cain his pants came back quickly only this time, morphed and a kind of embarrassing situation.

Just as he turned off the backlight of his phone; the chairmen brought the meeting to a close.  All the colleagues began shaking hands and readying themselves to finally leave not only the boardroom, but work as well.  Landis waved his goodbyes from across the table still shifting paper in hopes that people would leave the room so he could escape without people noticing the sudden rise to the occasion.

Jeffery walked over to Landis and asked him was he going out for drinks with the guys and why the hell was he still sitting there for.

“Hey Jeff, not tonight, man…I gotta jet home.”

“Alright, catch ya later, but what the hell are you still sitting here for…the meetings over?”

“Oh, I just have a call to make….headed out now.”

“Alright…workaholic, peace and catch ya later.”

After Jeff left the room, the only person left was the janitor that came in to clean. Landis couldn’t really help himself from thinking about how much Dakota wanted him. He quickly walked out of the office hoping no one else would stop him as he headed to his office to grab a couple of files and keys to leave.

The cost was clear and he made it to the car. Soon as he got in the car and buckled up, he called Dakota to tell her she better be ready to make good on those unexpected text!!! 

You have just been poked with a sensual thought that will enhance your next sensual agenda! Find out more about these regular and spontaneous posts on youtube.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Love Jones – Sexy Story Time!

  1. Great post again sis. LOL Can’t say I agree with some of how Landis reacted as sounding very manly, but very well done. Hope others can read this and create their own “Sensual” agenda.



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