Keeping Up Appearances – #KitKatCoaching

Keeping Up Appearances – #KitKatCoaching#AClientWrites:

Although, I am newly married, as a woman, I want to first look good for myself and be healthy for my kids, but another big part of staying fit, feeling good and looking good is for my husband! I know marriage is until death do us part, but I do think it’s a woman’s job to stay looking good, feeling sexy and confident for their man and since men are visual….VERY visual, I think it’s important to take care of myself, be healthy, be confident and remind my man of why he fell in love with you in the first place.

Some women may feel like their husband should take them as they are (at any size), but I don’t think that’s the right way of thinking.  Although a woman’s body can go through many stages as aging sets in, I do think it is imperative to maintain in every way possible.

Am I making too much of this???


Girl, you know you hit the nail on the head with: MEN ARE VISUAL! I’m telling you…men can create a perfect sex scene with only theThe Coach is Here sight of lint in a room LOL! I do think it is important for a woman to try to keep care of herself physically and mentally, but not in the order you have listed. I think a woman should keep up with herself for herself first, and then the children and lastly, the hubs!

When the core reason is not first for SELF it’s never genuine.  Look at it this way, If you stay healthy and fit for YOU it will become an inspiration for your children to do the same as they grow older and the happier momma is, the happier the whole family is…not to mention the fact that by doing this for YOURSELF, hubby well automatically benefit from it.

It is true: Finding your spouse attractive is one of the top 10 emotional needs for men and sure, a man may still love his wife if she lets herself go,  but he may not find her as sexually attractive.   If the sex life suffers, his emotional connection to her will also suffer.  I think it’s important for both partners to keep themselves attractive to their spouses. It shows not only love, but respect for one another too.  I say, have a conversation about it! Hope this has helped.

Thanks for sharing your relationship concerns with me!

The Coach is Here,


3 Comments on “Keeping Up Appearances – #KitKatCoaching

  1. The Wil is here. And I just wanted you to commend you on another great post sis. Good job continuing to consistently bring it every week and bring relatable topics that anyone can pick up and gain something from!



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