Repost Monday – The Supervisory Wife!

Repost Monday - The Supervisory WifeToday’s repost addresses how couples can grow apart when one person in the relationship is still in parent mode when it comes to adults.

Something popped in my head today about the word punishment. I was thinking that punishment only really works if there is NO OTHER WAY to obtain what is withheld, right?

For instance, when my kids were younger I’d punish them for various things they’d do by telling them to go to their room. However, in there rooms were the computer, t.v. and a ps3, so it wasn’t much of a punishment unless I itemized their punishment first.

The same goes for women in relationships and marriages. If you are going to withhold sex from your man, you’d better be absolutely sure that there is no way possible for your significant other to have access to pleasure somewhere else. And, we all know that is impossible, cause there are ALWAYS willing pleasures just lying around. Read between the lines and think about it.

Look for Tuesday’s Love Jones this week too with title – Punishment

Enjoy your Monday!

~ KitKatCoaching

Monday’s Repost: The Supervisory Wife!


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