Tuesday’s Love Jones – and She Builds the Perfect Man!

She builds the perfect manshe builds the perfect man - robin thickeAfter more than 20 years together, Robin Thicke sure did appear to be the perfect husband for Paula Patton huh? Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ve heard how he has been crossing the country begging her to come back, right?  And, the man seems to be honestly hurting because he really looks a mess! He doesn’t appear to be taking care of himself at all.  Poor fella!

Anyways, people have always said ‘that there is no such thing as perfect,’ but I beg to differ.  Unlike ole’ rocking Robin; in my book, perfect is so doable.

If we built the perfect man what would he look like, act like and what would he say?  How about a better question: If we built the perfect man, how would we treat him?…

Well first, you’ll have to do some demolition work on YOURS TRULY to demolish what you’ve built wrong the first time around, but indeed my friend it can be done.  A woman can create a prefect husband…here’s how!

  • Keep an open mind about his views

One of the worse things a woman can do is shoot down the natural way that her man thinks. Just because you don’t agree with him does not make you an authority on how he should think about particular views. Figure out a way to share your view with him in a ‘what I have to say is a great idea’ kind of way instead of ridicule.  This way, he may adopt your view by choice.

Side note: Always remember, your man has been raise once, so he doesn’t need you mothering your thoughts into his already grown-man-ness! Yes, I said grown-man-ness…I am a master of word-bending!!!

  • Help him

Now I know there are a lot of my readers that may not be cracking open bibles or attending church on the regular, but helping him is really where our expertise naturally come in. Not our sole expertise, but definitely created by God.  Did you know that when Adam was created, God seen that he was becoming lonely and He then created Eve to help Adam? Genesis 2:18

I mean, I know it’s hard to tell that that was the original plan, because of all the independent women around here claiming they don’t need a man, nevertheless, when we help our man and he becomes better…WE WIN!

  • Be consistent with him

Sway away from a judgmental way of thinking!  This doesn’t mean you have to just agree with any ole’ thing that comes from his mouth just to keep the peace either!  Holding things in will only set you back from creating the perfect husband.

Side note: the top reasons why men like hanging out with the guys is because with their friends they can be themselves with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

  • Be nice to him even during your period

There should never be one way streets in relationships and by that I mean: relationships are always give-take. You give a little to get a little….it is also strongly depicted as compromise. Show kindness. Say, “Thanks! Excuse me. Please… I’m sorry.” appropriately.  The one thing I always appreciate about my husband in that he always opens doors for me.  Even when we are arguing that courtesy never fails.  I’m mean when we are in argument mode, he may slam the car door shut, but no matter what we are dealing with; he never falters to show me the utmost respect.

Side note: The top reason why men love strip clubs is because they get YES and every turn.  Men love the word yes.  It gives them power to explore and be in charge of their own fantasies.  So hey, during that time of the month, don’t make your man suffer an entire week…take some Midol and use your mouth or hand to be nice to him. Ya know be nice to himmmm…get my drift???

Sex is a powerful tool for a wise woman.

  • Communicate un-intrusively 

Keep one another in the loop, but don’t bombard your man down with work he say she say and lots of gossip.  I mean, men gossip just as much OR MORE than woman. The proof is TMZ!  That Harvey Levin always gives us the latest and greatest of who’s who in entertainment news don’t he???

Anyway, real guys love to stumble on good gossip too, but let the man enjoy the game, eat or kick back a few beers before you go ranting about the low cut little number the office tramp wore today and how she came out of the married boss’s office with her lipstick smudged across her cheeks!  All he’ll hear is bla, bla, bla, anyway, so just keep it short.  If you really know your man you’ll know when a good time emerges to set those pipes to yapping.

  • Never nap or sleep angry

she builds the perfect man - couiple on couchThis is an old saying that will never change. Never go to bed angry and here is the real reason why…and you’ll be surprised to know that it’s not so much for him as much as it is for you.

How can you build the perfect man if you are too unhealthy to do so?

Sleeping angry just got backed up by science, thanks to neuroscience. Their study concluded that if you have a negative emotional response just before bed and then go right to sleep you relive the same emotional responses in your dreams which raised blood pressure in some people as opposed to the pupils that stayed awake longer after negative emotional response.

Scientists think that any negative emotion, like arguments with a spouse or partner can cause negative emotions to spike a person’s blood pressure. The study points to the practice that you should try to resolve these feelings before you go to sleep so that you can have a less visceral reaction to the problem in the morning.  So there you have it…even science shows us the health in not going to bed angry.

Side note: As you can see, in this week’s Tuesday’s Love Jones, ladies, you may have built a little of a better you this time around. Making a win win situation for you and your perfect man!!!

Have a Happy Tuesday!

~ Katrina : )


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