Movies Can Spark a Change in Your Relationship!



Have you ever watched a movie that made you feel all bubbly inside and maybe even have given you a change of heart about something?  Well, watching a good movie is one of the first assignments I have couples to do when they begin consultations with me.

Movies spark specific emotions and may give couples a new way to look at or resolve issues in their relationships.

Below is the FULL movie Hope Springs starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell.  This story entails how a 30 year long marriage became emotionally strained to the point of an almost divorce AND how the couple reignite their passion and actually renewed their marriage with the help of a relationship coach just like me.

If you are a couple or know a couple that just needs someone to talk to BEFORE making rash decisions…lead them to me and let them know that THE COACH IS HERE!



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