Tuesday Night Special – DIRTY LAUNDRY!


Everybody plays the fool sometimes, it’s just that as you get older you’re expected to be wiser and of course…make better decisions. I was at a point in my life where I realized my youth was gone and would never come back, my job was at it’s worth, and my relationship was more than humdrum.

I tried telling myself that things would get better, but it never seemed to happen. I took off work on Monday simply because I was bored. I took a load of clothes to the laundry and I sat there thinking as the machine kept rotating my clothes in it.

Suddenly it happened she walked in with a laundry basket and a shopping bag with fabric softener and detergent about to fall out. I don’t think I’d ever seen her before, but she was beautiful. Her skin had a bronze glow, she weighted about 150 lbs, and every bump was in the right place.

I tried to ignore her because I was really trying to focus on my career and what choices should I make with my life, but I found myself staring at her at every opportunity.

She couldn’t have been more than 5’ 5’’ and she wore black tights with a denim top draped over them. After about 30 minutes my clothes were dry and I began folding them. Her machine stopped and she began putting her clothes in the dryer.

I refuse to say anything because I knew it was pure flirting and sometimes you just don’t have the words and you don’t want to sound stupid, but I noticed something fell as she was putting her clothes in the dryer. I leaned over to pick It up and she turned around at that exact moment and looked directly in my eyes as I was bending over…we could have bumped heads we were so close.

It surprised me so much that I dropped the clothes back on the floor, with a quick glance she knew what it was and said, “Are you going to just throw my panties around like that?”

I was shocked but all I could think to say was…“only if you want me too?”


The continue to this story will be in the upcoming PART II of Erotic Tranquility.
For more information visit here


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