Tuesday’s Love Jones – The Power of Reinventing!

“ Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. ”
— Leon J. Suenens

Celebs do it all the time. They do it to stay relevant, fresh, creative and new. From time to time, it is imperative for them to reinventing themselves. Rapper Puff Daddy changed to P Diddy and then to just Diddy within a span of 15 years. Talk about a dreamer!

reinvent-yourself-e1361148747527Do this…

Closed your eyes, and wish one area in your life, relationship or career that could be entirely new. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reset button or perhaps to even undo the things that you were just not too thrilled about? Here’s the deal…you can! You’re completely in charge of everything you want in your life.

Here’s an idea to get started…

Create a contract with yourself. Describe all the unique personality traits about yourself and then write out what you want to do with these unique gifts and traits. Perhaps you’d like a better marriage or job.

Use this to fill in the blanks as you build…

I am a/an_________________________, ____________________________, & ____________________________(personality traits, adjectives) woman/man who likes to _______________________________ & ________________________________ (verbs or actions). The biggest wish I have for my life is ______________________________&________________________________(ideals, passions, actions). I want my reinvented life to reflect ___________________________. I want my life to shine with the purity of knowing that I am living my dreams ambitiously, so the first thing I will reinvent about myself is ____________________________ and then I will work on ______________________. The one thing that I will never change about myself is _____________________, because __________________. The single most important thing to me is _______________________________________. The start of my tomorrow will look like: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Now that you have written your life mission statement, take at least one action to move closer to the new vision you have for your life. Don’t linger with this…take action right away, move forward and don’t wait for everything to be perfect.

If you currently have a job that you hate, but can’t afford to quit, start researching alternatives now. If you long for a better relationship; don’t wait for that magical moment…start putting out your intentions to action NOW! Share your mission statement with a family member or a friend that you trust. This will provide a witness that will hold you accountable for the changes you want to make.

Never settle for mediocrity in your lives, careers and relationships. Change will be good, fresh and invigorating. Life is too short to live everyday with regrets. Do this for you.

Have a remarkable Tuesday!
~ Katrina

Katrina Gurl
Kit Kat Coaching


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