Tuesday’s Love Jones – Extreme Love Results Today!

Top 3 things you can do today for extremely positive results in your relationship!


#1 Say thank you 

Every couple knows the importance of saying “I love you.” But, believe it or not, those may not be the magic words your significant other is really longing to hear. The number one way to improve your relationship is to make your partner feel consistently appreciated. The surest way to do this is to say ‘thank you’ for the little things. But don’t just say it…show it by taking out the trash, or cooking dinner. Perhaps there may be an added bonus as you two go to bed. Developers new habits of putting one another first.

#2 Make eye contact during sex

There sure is something about unspoken words during eye contact at the height of deep, passionate sex with your significant other. The eyes can sometimes send the wrong message, but eye contact during sex reinforces the love-making aspect and enhances the emotional intensity and sense of intimacy.


#3 Reminisce 

Mary J Bilge says it best, “Reminisce on the love we had.”  Reminiscing together strengthens, your bond and your sense of history together with added continual hope and happines for the future. After all, the fact that you’ve been together for as long as you have can say a lot about how much you mean to each other and how well you know each other.

Do this and I promise there will an immediate reaction in your favor.

Have an awesome Tuesday,

Coach Katrina Gurl 🙂

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