My Writing Process!

I was invited by one of the most awesome, smartest, supportive friends I know, Author Nike Binger Marshall, to join this blog hop! Needless to say, I was honored and more than happy to take this opportunity and how fitting for my turn to end up on Memorial Day 2014. A day set aside to honor and reverence our fallen, men and women and those that continue to serve to protect our freedom. Never forget to remember their sacrifice. MyWritingProcessNow here goes…

What are you currently writing? As of now…like, at this very moment, I and reediting my last relationship book: Kit Kat’s Coaching Guide – Learning to Protect Your Marriage. Nike, in fact has helped me greatly with that. The book is literally my own marital life experience and tips for couple to take heed of way before problems occur in their relationship.

What makes your work different? Purity is the difference. With me, what you see is what you will get. I have fallen into the whole idea of keeping up with reality T.V. (well, except for the Kardashians). Reality is what you will see in my books. Whether it’s erotic or relationship coaching; reality is at the forefront of my writing.

Why do you write what you do? There are cool people in my head…I write to excuse their presence (just kidding). Characters keep nudging me to tell their stories, so no matter the time of day or night; I submit the moment inspiration hits.

What is your writing process? My process of writing looks more like procrastination with specific goals. When an idea of a  new story-line comes to mind, I immediately hop on my computer and begin shopping (usually got heels and jeans).  And then, I do a little research on possible career paths for my characters, but then I’ll find myself taking selfies.

Note to my readers: when I post a lot of selfies I am doing some SERIOUS WRITING!

After enough research on my new characters has been gathered, I then post a random blog basically hinting what I’m working on waaaay too soon! Last but not least, before anything is really complete, backwardly,  I begin working on the book cover for my incomplete book. That’s pretty much my process and I eventually get the job done on time. Well, after a stop to Starbucks that is.

Proof that I eventually complete stuff:

Secret Crushes Revealed
The Balcony View Revisited
Random Tapestry
Erotic Tranquility: Eroticizing the Masses For This Cause Writers
Unite: A SteamyT Pub Young Writers Flow Project

Next up is a person I look to as my business adviser, friend and best poet in the world.  Anthony Arnold has 2 books under his belt, one on the way and countless anthology entries. I am more than honored to share this cool blogger opportunity with him.  Go see what his WRITING PROCESS will be.

9 Comments on “My Writing Process!

  1. Great read sis. I knew all those selfies you posted served some sort of purpose :). This was very interesting and i’m certainly curious to see what else you’ll be producing in the future now that I know your secrets.

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  2. I’m cracking up about the selfies! LOL! But you have published proof that it works! (I may have to try the selfie thing! LOL!)

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  3. I thought this was some kind of comedy manuscript. I just kept laughing. But what you forgot to mention is that you are such a phenom at helping other people write and be successful that your writing has to come out in spurts of genius when you’re taking selfies. Which are GORGEOUS by the way 🙂 Your the only one I will give the approval to use a selfie on their books and promotional material.

    Love you sis!

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