Swallowing…the New Medicine!

Top 2 Reasons
Men love about his woman going down on him…

1. It feels really good

There’s something about being enveloped by the warm wetness of an insistent mouth that really gets our blood boiling and it give him a sense of connection that shows him a symbol of vulnerability.

In fact, she has to be comfortable with being vulnerable to him to engage in oral love-making with him.  Men also like that giving head is an act of submission…that’s a turn on for them as well. 

2. Oral sex is virtually stress-free

Unlike regular sex where men have to be concerned about being hard enough, big enough, and long-lasting enough, “lingual love” is literally a free space to relax and enjoy.

But did you know that swallowing his cum is beneficial?

The benefits of seminal plasma are activated when a man deposits semen into a woman’s vagina, but researchers suggests that the same benefits may be available if the seminal plasma is swallowed.

Here are 10 alleged health benefits of seminal plasma:

  • Natural anti-depressant.
  • Natural anxiety reducer.
  • Improves quality of sleep.
  • Increases energy.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Improves memory.
  • Improves mental alertness.
  • Assists with pregnancy maintenance.
  • Increases female-initiated sexual behavior.
  • Reduces pain.

Impressed? You should be! Momma nature knows what she is doing!

Some of the helpful chemicals in seminal plasma include testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, opioid peptides, oxytocin, serotonin, melatonin, and norepinephrine. Just think, you can get a dose of all that without having to go to the vitamin store and stroke your man’s ego at the same time!!!

Just a Midnight Tip
By Kit Kat’s Coaching

7 thoughts on “Swallowing…the New Medicine!

  1. As long as your husband is free of STIs, it is completely safe for the wife to accept and swallow his cum. And, as you point out, it is packed with great nutrients. It is a win-win. (And, it is less messy.) So, go for it wives and enjoy pleasing your man at the same time..


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