Go Fund an Awesome Person Today!

Donating to a great cause is just a click away with a site like “GO FUND ME.”  It’s a place that through small or large donations can help make a WORLD of difference in the lives of others.

For instance, here we have a courageous young man seeking help to hold on to the last piece of property that his late mother gave him.  He’s a hard worker, goes to college and has lost the one thing that keeps his mothers memory alive…the car she gave him.  Take a read at what he has to say and make a donation today.

Hi, my name is Wil. 

I’ve recently been put in an extreme financial crisis that’s going to cause me to lose something important to me. Unfortunately due to my limited income and lack of credit history this is one of my few remaining options. For those who don’t know me, my mother passed away 6 years ago and one of the last thing she provided me with was a vehicle that has essentially been my primary means of transport since that time. Due to recent events beyond my control my vehicle has been repo’d and I have been hit with a hard deadline in order to pay off the vehicle or risk losing it to auction after spending 4 of the last 6 year investing over 14k into the car. This page is to help raise the funds to retrieve that vehicle.

If you are moved by this GO FUND WiL @  http://www.gofundme.com/7s7pyw. Feel free to contact him as well.

Thank you!


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