Tuesday’s Love Jones – Signos de Engaño!

Tuesday’s Love Jones – Signos de Engaño! (signs of cheating is universal)

No matter how much you love your hubs or wife, there are little temptations that can ruin relationships IF YOU ALLOW IT. We’re all human, so we all have desires that can lead to destruction and there’s nothing wrong with those feelings, as long as you don’t act on them.

Here are some of the most common temptations that ruin even the most wonderful relationships.

Uno – Thinking About Being with Someone Else


The most obvious of all of the temptations that ruin relationships are crushes. If you’re in a long lasting relationship or married and meet another person that you are attracted to, this can be hazardous. In my latest Coaching Guide, I state that just because we are married or in a relationship certainly DOES NOT mean that we are blind, the only way to keep the relationship going is by refusing to give into that temptation. Remaining faithful to your loved one is the sexiest thing you will ever do!

Dos- Constant Lies


Have you ever heard of the slogan ‘Sho ya right when ya know ya wrong?’ That is a tagline my late aunt Ruthann would use all the time when she knew someone was lying to her; yet the person would carry on with trying to prove their lie was right. When you know you did something that your partner wouldn’t approve of, it’s tempting to lie to them about it and it may even make things seem easier in the moment, but if you really love one another, you should feel free to tell the  truths not lies.

Tres – Boredom


The grass always SEEMS greener on the other side, but in my Coaching Guide I teach couples that its greener where you water it. When you’re in a relationship, you may bored with one another and for some couples, routine can be depressing, but challenge yourself to try new things together so that everyone’s happy.

Cuatro – Fake Fights


When you’re in a bad mood, all you want to do is yell. However, you can’t take it all out on your partner. If you scream at them simply because you want to let out your emotion, they could get hurt. Never blame your personal issues of wanting to cheat on your partner. In the long run it is better to be honest.

Cinco – Not Giving a Damn

Once you’ve been together for long enough, you’ll feel ‘too’ comfortable. That comfort is a good thing, but it can become dangerous. You don’t want the temptation of sitting around, doing nothing all day to become a habit. You still need to put effort into the relationship if you want it to last. Reading Kit Kat’s Couching Guide – Learning to Protect Your Marriage is the best, vital short read that will help you realize BEFORE ITS TO LATE the wages of cheating on someone you love.

Kit Kat's Coaching
Kit Kat’s Coaching
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