Peach Flavored Seduction

There is absolutely something very intriguing  about a man that can perfectly put his deepest thoughts to poetry! Here we have one of our most favored and respected writers doing just that.  Escape from reality and ready sensual poetry for a moment.

3ef43c819323cdba1a5f41cc5659256aPeach Flavored Seduction by Emmanuel Brown of

It has been so long that I thought my habit was long kicked, forgotten and over.

No more clear conscience, clean thoughts and no more being completely sober.

I found myself fighting to breath, only being able to exhale and no in taking fresh oxygen.

When I tried I only tasted that special fruit that was once my pure and uncut intoxicant.

Many have watched me fight this struggle and get trapped by its relentless suction.

Now I looked sacredly and shameful at myself as I face this Peach Flavored Seduction.

I knew only too well that Peach could always take my stance from strong to my knees.

I sweat, yearn, try to demand, talk extra sweet, put on my very best and use that word please.

Just a taste, this time I know I can walk away without that empty feeling in my belly.

I am strong enough to take a taste and walk away, I know me, forget what others tell me.

So here I go, eyes closed, inhale that addictive scent, smile and take the first of many tastes.

I am ready, able and willing; today, at this very moment in time and in this private place.

Mmmm, I like this feeling that reaches very far beyond me and into my inner soul.

I feel an unheard of type of heat that burns eternally at a temperature labeled scold.

Why did I do something so foolish like getting anywhere near this powerful suction.

Now I am lost, I am turned out, I am fiending…I am in need of my Peach Flavored Seduction.

Emmanuel Brown


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