Paula Patton’s D-Bomb!

Paula Patton’s recent divorce scare to hubs Robin Thicke may have scared him straight!  She says that they are: “definitely working things out.”


But why did they decide on not divorcing?

Paula is a very smart woman and we think that she simply wanted Robin to step up to the plate and that’s exactly what he’s doing. I doubt that she wants to become a single mother or break up a relationship they’ve been in since their teens!

Soon as Paula dropped the D-BOMB; Robin IMMEDIATELY began fighting for the relationship. He was cancelling concerts and when he did show up…he made song dedications to Paula left and right. Not to mention how he shared his marriage whoa’s to many of his audiences.

Paula could clearly see that Robin  was not emotionally invested in their relationship, so she took action!  Now Robin is really trying hard to win her back, but in my personal opinion I don’t see them separating at all.

As I teach in my Coaching Guide, Robin will need to become transparent in the relationship while trust is in process of being rebuilt.  He will also have to keep all lines of communication open.

Paula will have to properly communicate when things are bothering her concerning past cheating and they should seek counselling. A counselor with help them understand that thrre will be a journey to a successful marriage.

I believe they can do this…do you?

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