Lust Among Spouses – Sinful or Not?

Will you complete this post???

Why is lust a sin and is it still a sin if you are lusting after your own husband or wife?

Psychology teaches us that lust is a disordered desire for sexual pleasure. Desiring sexual pleasure is not a sin – we were all created as souls that live within bodies, and our bodies naturally desire sexual union because we were created to keep the human race going. We all have these feelings within us.


Spiritually we are taught the risks of indulging in the 7 sins will reek havoc on our lives and that the proper context for sexual expression is within marriage. God created sex to strengthen marriages – so husbands and wives would become fully unified and create new life.

But what if like Beyonce, you clearly lust after your spouse and can never seem to get enough. Is lust a sin within marriage?
As the readers of PawiiBlogs we want YOU to complete this post with answers that will help us explore this topic with wisdom.


Write your thoughts in the comment section an we will add it to the post ASAP!

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