PawiiBlogs Closes for Relocation!

Dear avid readers of  PAWII Bolgs,

Katrina here, informing you that we will be closing as I relocate from California to Bellingham, Washington.  There is no way I will even attempt to try and give quality posts each week as well as tend to all the duties of moving an entire family to another state.  My avid readers (even though few comment here) know how important this blog is to me, so quality posts are all I can give you 100% of the time.  Thus, closing until further notice is the only answer.

However, in the meantime, check out some past posts and guest bloggers. We have some good stuff here!!!  Keep up with me on instagram, I’m sure I will be continually posting there @  Thank you so very much for all the new follows and blog visits….wordpress has a back-office, so I always see the viewer’s stopping in from time to time.

What’s next in store for me are two amazing books I am working on, my publishing company will no longer be accepting walk-in authors. We are building a team of writers instead.  Um, what am I missing??? Ohhhh! Regular shows for 5 Minutes of Fame will be each week on BTR as well as KitKatCoaching – Lessons in Love.  We have authors and coaches already lined up for December, so stay tuned for that.

Last, but not least, if you need to contact me, just call my google line! If I’m too busy to answer, then text me…either way, I will return your calls @ (323) 380-0949 or email me @  I am very reachable and don’t mind at all staying in touch with you.  Okay that sums it up!

Oh and lemme leave you with a couple quotes:

“Success never happens all at once, but with continued determination you’ll soon be full of it! Successful!” ~ Katrina Gurl

 “Ya never know who’s appreciating, admiring or adoring your work as a writer….so no matter how things ever appear, keep writing! Your gift is a blessing in disguise.”  ~ Katrina Gurl

Have a blessed and lovable life,

~ Katrina Gurl

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