Tuesday’s Love Jones – Birds of a Feather Flock Together!



“Birds of a Feather Flock Together” may be one of the oldest still used idioms in the English language. The reason why it’s still used so often is because it punches true. As a 40 plus year old woman, I have as of yet to see a flock of birds migrate together that were not cu from the same cloth. Never have I witnessed, seagulls kickin it with crows, nor have I seen owls camping with eagles. Birds tent to stick with their own kind, because they share similar characters naturally.

People who have similar characters or similar interests will often choose to spend time together too!

Alex and Kim are now really taking an interest in making their marriage better by spending quality time together. Alex, the wife, has decided to spend less time with her single girlfriend’s which always leads to a girl’s night out of partying. And because of them on the hunt for men, it leaves Alex constantly being prone to being approached by other men. Alex loves her friends and will always be around for them, but for the sake of her marriage; will not be doing the partying at clubs with them anymore.

Kim, on the other hand, has not settled with doing that so quickly. He has promised to indeed work on the marriage, but he has no intentions of not hanging with his boys.

His 3 closest friends are as follows:

  1. Roger – The married serial cheater
  2. Adam – The wannabe rapper with 4 side chicks
  3. Travel – The unmarried pretty boy with kids all over town

In Kim’s eyes, he figured that if he has made a promise to his wife and has no intentions of doing what his friends are doing relationship wise that there shouldn’t be a problem.

Here’s what I have to say: Yes, Kim, it is a problem! If you are trying to work on your relationship, how are you going to do that by hanging with such poor examples constantly around you that have clearly no respect for marriage are relationship?black-couple-having-conversation

Just like the traveling flock of birds – we as humans gravitate to what is already seeded in our personalities. Thus, hangings out with people of lower standards will only be a matter of time to become evident in your life.
As human nature, after repeating any one thing for a minimum of 20 times, it can become a part of our lives.

For example, when a person takes out the time to dedicate 20 consecutive days to working-out each day, the body becomes in need of the daily dose of the endorphins that exercising gives and many studies have shown that if a person can get through the first 20 days of an exercise/fitness challenge, that they are well on their way to success.

If a person is constantly around bad people it’s a grand possibility that you will become what you around. Have you ever heard of the idiom “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch?” Sure you have, because it’s still true!
It only takes one person doing wrong to affect an entire group of people.

You may not even have it in your heart to do wrong, but the person doing wrong can have a negative influence and before you know it you are doing the wrong as well.

There is a very thin line between making the right decision and making a bad one that will bring irreversible damage to your relationship!

  • Of course, keep your old friends, but hang with them in a different way…stop the clubbing scene and be sure to have a very open and honest interaction with them that doesn’t make Alex feel uncomfortable when you are out with them.
  • Try to find new friends…couple friends with a like-minded determination to have a positive relationship too.
  • Lastly, remember that birds of a feather really do stick together, so plan to flock with folks that are willing to travel the journeys you hope to gain success!!!

Happy Tuesday 🙂

Birds of a Feather written by Katrina Gurl


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