Chapter 6 – Crucial Questions

KATRINA_WIVESIn Katrina Gurl’s upcoming book entitled: Wives Are Supposed to be Easy – Stop Making your Husband Beg for Sex! She will be exploring an array of issues that come along with a wife saying “no” to sex.

Early 2011, a client confided that her husband forced her to have sex with him.  The woman shared that she was raped repeatedly during the 9 year marriage.  Although she has finally divorced him, she still has not reported the fact that the raping took place.  Her ex-husband is now happily married to wife #2 with no seemingly problems and a new baby.

In your opinion, should the man go to jail for raping his wife or should she just let it go for saying “no” to him and constantly withholding sex?

2 Comments on “Chapter 6 – Crucial Questions

  1. Interesting
    question, honestly while I sympathize with this Womans unfortunate
    situation it brings about a multitude of questions in my mind. Was she
    Sexually active with this Man prior to their Marriage? if so what was
    the nature of the Sexual relationship? if not what were her expectations
    regarding Sex and Marriage? What was her vision of Sex with her husband
    and more importantly how frequent or infrequent did she think Sex or
    even intimacy would occur? Did She or her husband discuss Sex prior to
    he Marriage? I’m not sure of this couples religious or spiritual life
    however in most doctrines a Woman’s body is not her own. In the Bible it
    states nor is a Males body his own and that neither should withhold
    Sex. Unfortunately… far too many couples marry without talking about
    expectations of Marriage which in many instances leads to Divorce. Sex
    is just one of the many things couples do not discuss before saying “I
    Do”. Couples should discuss finances, parenting, religion, health
    history and yes Sex. Although I have NEVER been Married I am an advocate
    for Pre Marital Counseling and IF… Pre Marital Counseling is just
    something you cannot wrap you mind around, than Pah Leez for your own
    peace of mind and to circumvent as much future Drama, Hurt,
    Disappointment and Heartache TALK TO YOUR PARTNER!!!before you say “I
    Do”. Because I only have one side of this story I cannot say this Man
    should go to jail.



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