Tuesday’s Love Jones – Filter the Irritation

Carmella Writes:

“I got married in April of 2011 at the magnificent Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, CA. My husband and I had been mostly either long-distance or on-and-off in the years preceding our marriage and so, when the hubby moved in with me just 2 weeks before the wedding, I really discovered just how annoying he is. Don’t get me wrong – I love my husband tons, but the man irritates the crap outta me. What can I do, Kat?”

The first thing I’d do is let my guy know what irritates me the most. Not in a nagging way so that it will  allow him to work on it.  Never try to change your partner, but there is noting wrong with voicing things that irritate you.  Holding stuff in only makes problems fester.  One thing though…prepareAskKat yourself for what he may share that he doesn’t like about you!

No matter what the both of you dislike about one anther, reinforce the negative things by letting him know what you LOVE about him.  No one is perfect, but in relationships it’s the love that makes it perfect and all worth it at the end of the day.

Take some great advice from some famous folks that publicly professed their love….

Ossie Davis: “Run away for secret weekends. We’re always talking about going away for a four-day weekend. We do this occasionally. We check into a hotel in down town New York and pretend we’re tourists. And, nobody knows who we are.

We have a nice little suite and we indulge ourselves. We go to the theater and eat out, go to all of the places we don’t get a chance to go to.”

Faith Hill, married to Tim McGraw: “You can’t sit back. My husband and I have made the choice that our marriage is the most important thing to us. We respect what we have and understand how we need to feed it.” 

Michelle Pfeiffer, married to TV producer David E. Kelley: “We tend to our marriage. You have to spend time away from the kids and stay up late and talk, go to the movies or do the crossword puzzle together. My husband and I still have date nights, and I look forward to them all week.”


You can’t stand when he/she does __________,but it’s okay because when he/she does _________, I love it!


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