Tuesday’s Love Jones – Love Better!

We sometimes forget about the people in the world who live without love and we rarely take the time to love ourselves. This Tuesday let’s do this wonderful life changing mission we’ve found.


Instead, we tell ourselves how we could do better, or beat ourselves up for not being the person we want to be.

By just shifting our intentions, we can love more deeply. It doesn’t take extra effort, just a re-direction of energy.

Shift your energy

* from being right to being quiet.
* from being annoyed to being grateful.* from being angry to being joyful
* from being rushed to taking time.
* from eye roll to hug.
* from scowl to smile.

Chances are, you are already a loving person, but don’t always have the time and attention to speak, act or be the way you inherently are.

You can apply this mini-mission in a marriage or any loving relationship.

Love God, children, pets, parents, friends, siblings, yourself, a neighbor, or a stranger.

Here is your 3 part mini-mission:

* Speak with love
* Act with love
* Be with love

Keep in mind that you do not have to be in the right mood, or even feel loving to practice love.

Notice how you feel speaking with love, acting with love and being with love.

Notice how much more love there is in your life, when you practice these simple shifts.

How will you love more deeply?

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