THE PLAYMATES by Donna Mae Greaves



Jinae stretched her body, feeling like a jungle cat that slept on a branch. She was sore but felt powerful none the less. She opened her eyes and looked at the man beside her. He was awake and looking at her, a small smile on his lips. His eyes scanned down her body and back up again and he growled. She pulled the covers tighter to her chin, but he just reached under and cupped the breast nearest to him.

557269_10151476653606891_1902248138_nToo late baby … I’ve already claimed what I want … remember?”

She sighed. Christopher was in tune with Jinae in a way that no one else was. She blushed to her blond dreadlocks under his scrutiny, taxing her brain for something clever to say, but nothing came. The only thing on her mind was the memory of what had transpired the night before. Christopher made love to her mind and then to her body, and the intensity of their night together was shocking.

She had landed in St Lucia about three hours after him. He had BBM’d her before her flight and had kept the banter up all the way to the island. He described all that he was doing to her in his mind and she was sure that everyone on the flight had seen her blush, heard her sharp intakes of breaths, and watched her giggle behind her hand like a school girl. By the time she had cleared customs and been picked up by the hotel taxi that he had sent to get her, she had been giddy with excitement and so turned on, that it was all that she could have done to keep her hands to herself when she was standing face to face before him in their shared suite.

Christopher and Jinae began chatting almost immediately following her joining the Playmates group on Facebook. Their connection was instant, and they were practically finishing each other’s sentences after a couple of days. They shared similar interests and beliefs and talked for hours … usually long after the rest of the ‘gang’ had broken up.

Her friend Melinda, who had brought her to the group, had attempted to quiz her on whether or not she had connected with anyone in particular, but she had, for once, played her cards close to her chest. Somehow, she didn’t think that this was a connection that she was willing to share.

Christopher had added her as a friend and apparently had taken the time to go through her photos. His compliments about her ‘womanly body’, as he called it, had made her blush. It had taken a long time for Jinae to get to the point of putting up full length shots of herself … a long time and lots of therapy. She had eventually added others, and these proved to be Christopher’s favourites. Though she pretended to be uninterested in the beginning, she had gone willingly to his profile to check him out too, and liked what she had seen instantly. He was the outdoorsy type – fishing, hunting and camping. He seemed to enjoy travel as well, and if the car he was leaning on was his, then he enjoyed the good life, and wore it well.

They had danced around the subject but eventually he had asked her if she was1069290_10151476653421891_2111709323_n married or attached. She considered lying, but in the end she was truthful and admitted to being single. She laughed when he said that there was no way she would be attached anyway, since she was obviously waiting for him. They had been discussing music in the group one evening, and Christopher had begun placing love songs on the page, saying that he was dancing with her. A few of the other men jumped into the ‘game’ and started cutting in and dancing with the other women in the group. That was when Christopher had added The Secret Garden by Quincy Jones to the playlist, and informed them that he would be dancing with Jinae and Jinae alone for that song and the next three songs to follow, whatever they were. Before she could stop herself, Jinae had added Till The Cops Come Knockin’ by Maxwell. Christopher then replied with How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Gees. Jinae was thinking about her response when Melinda messaged her and suggested Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. She had laughed out loud at the message, and responded that she didn’t have the guts to put it up. She eventually settled on Tonight Is The Night by Betty Wright, which set off a sea of hoots and hollers in the room.

“I sincerely hope that you know what you’re doing young lady,” Christopher messaged.

“I’m playing the game you started,” she replied.

“I wasn’t playing.”

“Really now…”

“Yes … really now. Go back and look at those songs. Then go find their lyrics. Read them through, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Good night and sweet dreams Jay.” She’d been left speechless by his words. She sat staring at her tablet, and watched as her fingers began typing in the titles of the songs and searched for their lyrics. She copied and pasted the words into a word document and read them like a story. She blushed at the story they wove … the depth of the feelings expressed.

Searching for Christopher, she found that he was still online. Her fingers began messaging him …

“Wow … the words to these songs certainly reveal a lot, don’t they? I never really paid much attention before but I think I see where you’re coming from. I wonder how many times we’ve played with fire by dedicating certain songs to certain people, just because we’ve loved the title or a couple lines from them…” She hit send and prepared for bed. Ping!! He had responded. She sat down to read his words…

“Indeed. The thing is that I don’t play those games … I say what I mean and I mean what I say, so you can read that however you want to. Just know that I am fascinated with you Jinae … to the point of thinking about you in the middle of my day. There is something about you that stays with me. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that you say good morning to me at seven, and I smile till noon. Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t wait to meet with you in group to talk and laugh and flirt. It could be that I love the fact that I know that I’m the last person that you say goodnight to before you go to bed. How do I know that? Because there’s something about the way you say goodnight that lets me know that I’m your last thought. Here’s the thing … you’re mine too. I’ve said a lot more than I planned to. Goodnight Jay.”

Jinae sat stunned, her mouth forming the perfect ‘O’.

She couldn’t believe that Christopher had so eloquently put into words a lot of the things that she had been feeling. While it was a relief to know that their online connection had become as important to him as it was to her, it was a bit uncomfortable because they had never met face to face. She had heard so many stories of people being hurt and disappointed with meetings that blossomed out of online flirting, as well heartbreak when they realized that the objects of their affections had lied to them, and were married with children, or older and even younger than they had declared. She had visions of being followed around by the Catfish cameras when she finally dec
ided that she wanted to meet with Christopher, and coming face to face with some decrepit old man of eighty whose profile pic is what he looked like wayyyyy back in the day.

It was Wednesday night … actually it was Thursday morning, and she had a full day ahead. Public Relations knew no boundaries of time … there was stuff to be done at the office and in the field. She turned out the lights and lay on her bed, recounting almost word for word everything that Christopher had written. There was sincerity in everything he had said … she felt it.

The next morning found Jinae in traffic focused total on Christopher. They had Skyped before so she knew how he sounded and what he looked like, and early morning traffic provided just the buffer she needed to sit and daydream about him, seeing him say the words, and hearing his voice.

The blare of the horn behind her broke her reverie and she headed to her office and tried to concentrate.

She was about to head out to lunch when her tablet yelled for her attention.

What are you doing this weekend, beautiful, he asked.

Hey … nothing much. What are you doing? Whassup?

Spending it with you in St Lucia. Time to meet, Jinae.

What? Wait … how did we get here?

We got here last night by being honest. This is not about the group. This is about us – you and me.

Christopher … wait. You can’t just make that decision and not consult with me. The scary thing was that as she typed the words, she was already picturing herself wrapped tightly in Christopher’s arms, on some remote beach, wearing nothing but a smile.

True … but tell me that you’re not more intrigued than you were yesterday. Tell me that you don’t want this.

I’m not saying no, but …

But what, Jay? We’re grown people. You have to know by now that I want you … that I crave that big, bold, beautiful body of yours. You have to know that I fall asleep thinking of my hands roaming across your rounded tummy, your big beautiful breasts … that I want to get lost between your thick thighs.

Not fair Christopher. That’s dirty pool…

You have no idea how dirty I wanna get your pool, baby! Jinae burst out laughing at his words. As much as she hated to admit it, she was warming to the idea of letting Christopher ‘dirty her pool’

So if this was going to happen, where exactly did you have in mind?

I’m thinking one of the Sandals … away from everyone … one of the couples spots.

Can I ask you something?


You’ve already booked it, haven’t you…

And you know this!

Figured it was a given in your head, she chuckled.

And in yours, if you’re honest, he countered.

I have a couple stipulations though…

Like …

This is between us and us alone.


And it’s a one-time thing. She held her breath and she awaited his response. He seemed to be taking forever.

I’m not willing to make any promises, but I will promise to try.

There was something about his words that caused her breath to catch in her throat. There was something happening in the pit of her stomach that caused her to grab the edge of her desk for support. Just then, her assistant stuck her head around the door to ask if she was ordering lunch or leaving the office. She was about to answer when the screen grabbed her attention.

You can pick up your ticket at CAL’s office in Port of Spain, by the way. It’s ready…

“I’ll be going out for a little bit Debbie. No … in fact I’ll be leaving for the day in about twenty minutes.”

Okay … I’ll pick it up when I go get my lunch. You’re quite sure of yourself aren’t you…

Yes I am. I’m basically spoilt in some ways, and I know what I want. What I want I go after and I get. It sounds cocky, but it really isn’t. I just know what is important to me and what I want and need. You fit both descriptions right now.

I just smiled …

I know. I’m not going to be around tonight. I will talk with you tomorrow. And he was gone.

Jinae left her office and headed to CAL’s office to collect her ticket to St Lucia. She took it out of the envelope and looked at it … First Class. She smiled, thinking that Christopher knew how to impress a woman. In all of her thirty-eight years she didn’t recall a man ever daring to be as forward and forthright with her. Not even her former fiancé, but then, she believed that hearts of hearts, she intimidated him. She chuckled as she thought of Kevin. Tall and muscle bound, and the colour of hot black coffee, and just as smooth, she used to joke. Kevin had been used to women doing his bidding and existing only to please him. Jinae had proved to be a totally different kettle of fish. She wasn’t impressed by his bulk … she made her own way in the world and she was also used to giving orders. Her godmother had told her that there would be problems. She hadn’t anticipated that they would have reared their ugly heads as early as they had. Kevin had been unfaithful to the point of fathering a child with someone else. He had even gone so far as to blame Jinae for his behaviour by saying it was her standoffish attitude and bossy ways that caused him to find comfort with another woman. Having anticipated the problems, she had dusted her heels and moved on. She had poured herself into her work, and kept her heart and body to herself. She didn’t live the life of a nun … she did date occasionally and did have a couple standing ‘fuck-buddy’ relationships, but her heart had remained firmly her own.

That is, until now, she realized, bringing her to a halt as she walked through the mall.

She was heading to her favourite boutique. She figured that she was going to have a memorable weekend, so she might as well get herself some memorable lingerie … not that she didn’t have quite the selection at home. She spotted a couple gems … a silver silk cami set, and an animal print teddy. She grabbed them both, along with some lacy puffs of air that passed as underwear and a push up baby doll set in royal blue. With her caramel skin and red blonde hair, royal blue made her glow.

Jinae was a bundle of nervous energy all day. Her assistant kept asking what was wrong … all she did was smile and nod. She was booked on the five o’clock flight, so she left the office a little early and took her time. She parked for the weekend and went to check in.

Christopher was waiting for her in the lobby when she arrived. He stood at the bottom of the staircase, watching her walk in … drinking in her long legs, her cat-like green eyes, her curves, the sway of her hips as she approached him.

She was looking at him too, and registering her body’s reaction to his tall, toned body, the subtle smile on his lips as he watched her with his honey-brown eyes. He moved toward her, meeting her halfway. He reached out and took her tote bag, kissing her cheek as he did.

“Hey…” he breathed, looking into her eyes.

“Hi yourself,” she replied, feeling silly as her voice caught in her throat. She giggled nervously as she realized that she felt as giddy as a schoolgirl.

“You look wonderfully flustered,” he joked, relaxing her instantly. She laughed heartily, watching the emotions play over the plains of his handsome face.

“And you’re amazingly calm,” she countered.

“Yeah well … someone has to be. And seeing that I’m the self-appointed seducer of the piece, I guess I need to be.”

“I see … so you’re going to seduced me?” she asked, feeling bolder by the minute.

“Well I hope you didn’t think that we came here to play gin rummy,” he retorted, feigning surprise.

“Oh … I was thinking more along the lines of Monopoly,” she sassed. He reached around her and placed his hand in the small of her back, smiling silently as he heard her gasp for air at their contact.

He took her to the lou
nge in their part of the resort and sat her at a private booth. The waiter came to them and he ordered a bottle of champagne.

“Corny, I know, but I feel like celebrating,” he said, as if sensing what had flashed across her mind.

“Indeed,” she began, “What exactly are you celebrating?”

“Getting to spend quality time with you … for one thing. We’ll talk about the other thing later.”

“Now I’m intrigued.” His wink at her was his only reply until the champagne came and he began pouring the frothy liquid into their flutes.

“What’s your favourite wine, Jinae? I can tell a lot about a person from their choice of wine.”

“I love a good, chilled Moscato,” she said, smiling a little, thinking of how good some of that sweet, delectable drink would be appreciated right now. She watched the bubbles in the flute, playing with each other as they made their way to the top. The lights danced in the lightly pink tinged alcohol, causing her to stare trance-like at the glass.

“Hmmm … a Moscato lover. You adore the decadent things in life, don’t you … desserts, chocolates, a ripe juicy piece of fruit. You like lace and silk and satin. You love being pampered and being cared for. You love gentleness, but a rough edge wouldn’t go amiss either.” As he spoke, Jinae continued to stare at the frothy wine in the glass, totally attuned to Christopher’s voice and entranced by his words. “How did I do?” he asked when he was through.

“Amazingly well … although you did leave out a couple things.”

“Like what?”

“You’ll find out…” Christopher leaned across the table and took hold of her hand. Flipping it palm side up, he kissed her, causing her to gasp yet again when she felt the hot tip of his tongue against her sensitive flesh. “You really need to stop doing that,” she said. She tried to take her hand away from his grasp, but he didn’t relent. Instead he stood up, and pulled her out of her seat with such force that she slammed into his torso. This time he was the one who gasped … gasped and groaned.

“I think it’s time I take you to your room.”

“My room?” she asked. She hope she didn’t sound as disappointed as she felt. She had assumed that they would be sharing a room.

“Yes … your room in our suite … not that I think it’s going to be any more than a walk in closet for you, because you’re not leaving my side or my sight.” He all but marched her to the entrance where they were met by a golf cart. She looked at him quizzically and he smiled. “Oh didn’t I tell you? We have a bungalow.” She giggled as he winked at her. “So, to quote one of my favourite jams, “we gon’ be rockin’ till the cops come knockin’.”

“You need to stop or I will not be able to stop giggling”

“Baby, by the time I’m done with you, I’ma have you giggling with ecstasy.” She burst out laughing, causing the golf cart driver to turn his head ever so slightly in her direction. Christopher sat stoned faced and looked in the other direction. He spoke quietly with the driver when they arrived at the bungalow.

The décor was very tropical and exceedingly romantic. The beds were canopied with sheer cotton fabric which fell in waves around the bed. There was lace and silk all over the bed, and everything was crisp and white, save the occasional touches of bright tropical colours scattered throughout the space. She followed him into her ‘walk in closet’ and smiled. The room was just as beautiful as the one that they would share. It was just around dinner time, and it was laid out on a table laid for two. Candle light and heady tropical scents permeated the room. Jinae knew that she should be hungry, but the combination of intrigue, excitement, the champagne, flirty banter and nerves put all thoughts of food firmly on the back burner.

She started when he came up behind her, touching her only with the heat that radiated from his body … an amazingly powerful body, clad in a mint green raw silk shirt and hip hugging jeans. His hands reached around her waist and turned her around to face him. She looked up at him with heavy lidded eyes. He tugged at the knotted sash that held her purple and black polka dotted wrap dress together. She had chosen her travel dress carefully, thinking that it flattered her figure, along with being easy to get into and even easier to get out of.

“Hello,” she said, a catlike smile appearing on her lips.

“Hi,” he replied, lowering his head to her neck. He breathed deeply of her scent before kissing her, his tongue flicking lightly over her skin. Jinae’s knees gave away at his initial contact, and she was thankful for Christopher’s strength.

He moved his lips up her jawline, stopping at the corner of her mouth. His tongue tormented the spot. She moaned, her arms making their own way up the front of his shirt, flicking buttons open as she went. Christopher slowly reached in to her dress, massaging her hips. He reached behind her and cupped her ass as he finally moved to her lips, nibbling at her bottom lip as she opened up and granted him full access to her mouth. His tongue warred with her own … touching, tasting, flicking, teasing.

Jinae was slightly aware of a cool breeze at her back as Christopher removed her dress off her shoulders. She reached up and protested as his shirt didn’t budge. He released her long enough to shrug the annoying piece of clothing off and drop it to the floor. He then removed his belt and was undoing the zipper of his jeans when he looked up at her and paused as his eyes roved over her body’s fullness. He took in the look of ecstasy in her eyes … the swollen ripeness of her well kissed lips … her full breasts that threatened to burst out of the deep lavender lace cups that held them. His eyes travelled down to her navel, pierced with a diamond that winked at him. He was already hard, but the sight of her boy short clad hips caused him actual physical pain as his manhood protested being held in check by jeans and boxer briefs. His eyes slipped lower to the apex of her thighs, lower still to the garters that held her sheer black back seamed stockings up … stockings that led him to the four inch tall deep purple stiletto pumps.

“Jesus,” he whispered, as he removed his jeans. He stood before her in his underwear, watching as her eyes widened at the sight of his erection. No one moved … they stood still, drinking in each other.

“Come,” she beckoned, offering him her hand. He took it in his and pulled her to him, wrapping her in his arms as he devoured her mouth, tasting her sweet anticipation. He slowed the pace of their heated kiss, savouring every touch, every caress, every discovery. Somewhere in the background music wafted from speakers in the bungalow. He began to sway, taking her with him in his dance of seduction. Their bodies moved as one … their hands exploring as they moved.

“I need to feel you,” he whispered in her ear.

“You are,” she smiled, her hands loving the feel of his skin under her hands.

“Not yet,” he replied, as his hands crept up her back and released her bra, removing the offensive scrap of clothing and throwing it onto the growing heap of fabric on the floor. He danced her over to the bed, loving the feel of her erect nipples on his chest. He could feel the shivers that rocked her body as they moved. She reached up and cupped his face, kissing him full on the mouth. She let her lips wander up his jawline to his ear.

“I want you inside me so bad it hurts,” she whispered as she ground her hips against his. She heard the air rush past his lips in a gasp that sounded like pleasure and pain. The back of her knees brushed the side of the bed and she pulled him with her as she sat down. His lips found hers once more and he laid her gently down. He lifted one of her legs to his shoulder and removed her shoe. He kissed a hot, wet trail all the way to the garter clip, releasing it with his teeth … he then peeled the silk sheath off with his lips and teeth. Jinae felt her body begin to vibra
te from the sheer intimacy of his actions. His hands blazed yet another trail, caressing her now exposed skin. “My sweet Lord,” she whispered, shuddering as she did.

“You have no idea,” he moaned, as he repeated the process with the other leg. Jinae felt the pent up tension in his body through his shaking fingers. When he had finished his task he kneeled at the foot of the bed, looking at her through eyes that were opened no more than slits. She crawled down the bed, moving like a cat in stalk mode, never stopping till she was in front of him.

Christopher cried out as she kissed his manhood through the silky material of his boxer briefs. She looked up at him, licking her lips. She edged closer to his stock still form and slid her body up his.

“Sweet Jesus,” he moaned as he captured her lips yet again. He sucked at her tongue as though it was his last meal. Jinae moaned into his mouth, feeling the waves of shudders being emitted by his body. He leaned into her body, causing her back to arch, granting him full access to her breasts. He suckled on them – one after the other, feasting like a dying man. “God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered as he laid her down, removing her boy shorts as he did. She reached her arms up to him and he caught her hands in one of his, holding them captive above her head. He kissed the valley between her breasts, sucking gently on the sensitive skin beneath each breast. He smiled as he felt her body’s reaction to his ministrations.

Her legs wrapped around him as she struggled to bring him closer yet to her. Her hips began rotating slowly against him. His shaft was as rigid as iron as he freed himself of his briefs. He reached between them and entered her with his fingers. She was hot, wet and ready. She cried out at the intimate contact. Every nerve ending screamed for satisfaction. He worked his way down to her navel and its twinkling diamond. He dipped his tongue in and gently tugged at the ring with his teeth. She winced slightly but held him there, enjoying the pleasure and the pain. He continued his downward assault, stopping only to use his tongue to part her love lips and enter her. Her hips shot up towards his mouth, wanting and craving more from him. Her hands delved into his curly hair, holding him where she desired him most. He sucked and nipped and tortured her pussy with his mouth. He removed his fingers, sucking noisily on them before he entered her with his tongue.

Jinae lost all sense of control as she writhed against his mouth. She wrapped her legs around him, driving him further and deeper into her secret place. He sucked her into complete surrender, revelling in the racking shudders of her body. He lapped at the juices that flowed from her, suckling at her like a hungry infant.

Christopher waited for the shudders subsided slightly and slid his body back up over hers. He rolled them over till she was on top of him and he slid her up his torso till her pussy was positioned over his mouth. “Ride my mouth, baby,” he commanded. She lowered herself onto his waiting tongue and began to gently ride, amazed that she could feel the onset of another orgasm. He reached behind her, loving the feel of her ass in his hands. He held on to her hips, guiding her bucking, pushing her to go faster and harder. He was like a man on a mission to satisfy her every need, licking and sucking and nipping at her sensitive flesh unrelentingly. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. He massaged her erect nipples, causing her to cry out over and over as she came and came again. Jinae wanted to give as much as she got so she slid off of his face and turned around, giving him a view of her ass as she took him fully into her mouth. She licked him like he was a lollipop. She sucked at his head, nipping at the underside. His body shook as she took him and took him again with her mouth. He sat up slightly and reclaimed her pussy with his mouth until they were both crying out and cumming. He rolled her unto her back and stretched himself out on top of her. He kissed her gently as he settled between her thighs. She lifted them in invitation and he entered her, rocking gently as he did. He felt her body close tightly around him and it was all he could do not to rock harder against her. He pulled himself almost all the way out and entered her again, revelling in the feeling of welcome …

Jinae knew that Christopher was holding back. “Don’t be shy, baby,” she whispered into his ear as she rose up to meet him and began matching him move for move. It was all the encouragement that he needed. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him harder to her. He reached between them and began to rub his thumb against her clit.

Her eyes rolled back into her head and she began whimpering as the tension built and built to another level. He suckled again at her breasts. He reached up and lost his hands in her locs.

“Oh God,” he moaned, luxuriating in the feel of her sweet walls caressing his manhood. “C-c-can’t—” he stuttered. She knew what he meant … she couldn’t hold on much longer either.

“Mmhmmm…” she replied. “Let it go…”

The both cried out at the point of orgasm, shaking and shuddering together. He kissed her over and over again … her mouth, her eyes, her cheeks, the hollow of her neck. He held on to her for dear life, as their shudders subsided.


They had slept and awakened to make love at a more leisurely pace, amazed that there was energy left to do anything but cuddle and hold each other.

Now they faced each other in the harsh light of morning, wondering what to say.

“I need to tell you something,” he began. Jinae felt her insides contract as she braced herself for whatever his revelation may be. She was already having visions of a wife and child somewhere, or a fiancée, or some other devastating bit of news.

“What’s that,” she asked quietly, worrying her bottom lip with her teeth.

“It’s no use Jinae,” he said as he sat up. He ran his fingers through his hair in apparent frustration. “I can’t do what you want.”

“What I want? What I want?? What the hell are you talking about?”

“I can’t … I can’t just let you go after one night … not after last night. I just can’t.” Jinae reached for him, but he had already stood up and walked away from the bed. She reached over to the side table and picked up the robe that was folded there. Throwing it on, she walked to where he stood at the kitchen sink.

He made a big production of looking at the birds that had settled at the bird feeders on the patio.

“So,” she said, wrapping her arms around his torso, “Can I rethink my decision and suggest something else?” She felt Christopher’s heart rate increase as he held his breath. He turned in her arms and looked down at her, his face serious … his eyebrows knitted together. She looked up into his eyes and saw the sadness there, and reached up to smooth his brows. “You’re very tall when I’m barefooted. Come here,” she cajoled, but he didn’t move.

“What’s your suggestion, Jinae?”

“Well, Christopher,” she began, mimicking his tone, “I still say one night only—”

“How is that different, Jinae?” he raged, trying to pull away from he, but she effused to let go of him.

“If you would just calm down and listen to me,” she whispered, as she licked one of his nipples, “You would understand what I’m saying.”

“Stop playing with me Jay,” he moaned his obvious pleasure warring with his anger.

“Now that’s better. I love it when you call me ‘Jay’. You’re the only one who does.”

“Talk to me, woman.”

“Somebody is angry. Okay … I’ll behave,” she said as she opened her robe and closed it around him. She heard him gasp at their heated contact. “I’m suggesting one night only, per month, that we run away to some island retreat. So this month St Lucia, next month Barbados, and—”

She never got to finish the statement. Christopher finally bent to her level and kissed her, releasing
all of the tension of the last few minutes into their embrace.

“Counter proposal,” he said, coming up for air, “One night only, per fortnight. Did I mention that ‘m disgustingly rich? Can change that to one night only a week, yuh know.”

“Per fortnight, you say? Deal,” she giggled, pulling his head down to hers once more.

They had started out as playmates, who became lovers and now they were seekers … looking for that oneness that they knew they had found, but the exploration process was sooooo good, that they willing to keep searching each other. It was, after all, the only thing to do … don’t you think?


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  1. Unwind and enjoy yet another sensual short story by 🙂
    Thanks for sharing you written talent with us, sis!!!!



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