Can Men & Women Just Be Friends?


Platonic love does exist, but keeping a relationship platonic would have to include a lack of physical attraction. However, even in some cases that doesn’t work, because people can be prone to falling in love with the attributes of a friend as well.


In this week’s dilemma, Crystal writes in asking us is it wrong for to feel so uncomfortable with here husbands best friend (which is a female) moving from Atlanta to Las Vegas just 2 miles from where they live?

I have been talking with Crystal all this week and she also reveled that the BFF is also a stripper. WHOA!!!

The hubs and the besty grew up together like family. The two of their mothers were best friends and they are very close. Chrystal states she was fine with their bond because of the distance, but with her here it feel complicated. He’s super excited about her arrival, but Chrystal feels upset and concerned.

Here was my advice to her…do you agree?

2 thoughts on “Can Men & Women Just Be Friends?

  1. I think it may also be a good idea for Crystal to spend some time with the BFF, one on one. Why not? This lady is moving 2 miles away and will probably be spending time around this couple trying to get to know the community and establishing hersel and looking to them to help in that area. That would be a great opportunity for Crystal to get to know her.



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