Make Your Marriage Laughable!

The importance of #laughter in #marriage

Laughter is contagious. It’s also beneficial to life and marriage.

Benefits of Laughter…

  • Reduction of stress and tension

Stimulation of the immune system an increase of natural painkillers in the blood

  • A decrease in systemic inflammation Reduction of blood pressure
  • Lifts your spirits
  • Brings couples closer together
  • Can help keep a relationship fresh.

Through laughter, muscles release tension and neuro-chemicals are released into the bloodstream, creating the same feelings the long-distance joggers experience as “runner’s high.”

It has also been discovered that for some hospital patients, ten minutes of genuine belly laughter would have an anesthetic effect that could give a couple hours of pain-free sleep.Humor brings more than just physiological benefits to a husband and wife.

Humor helps us cope
Humor relieves the tension that can build up between people
Humor also will bond you with those you laugh with.

Research has found that laughter produces Oxycontin, a chemical in the brain also referred to as the bonding chemical.Learning to laugh a little more just may save your life, not to mention your marriage.

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