Tuesday’s Love Jones – Happy Tuesday!

Today is my 41st birthday and I am simply ecstatic to be alive!   I have a wonderful family that would do anything for me, awesome children that I am not only proud of, but also admire.  A hubs that works his butt off for the family, so I can attempt to live my dreams as writer. And, we all know that living dreams takes a side job lol!

I was seriously under the impression that it was normal or even recommended that the closer a woman gets to the age of 50 that life regrets should set in and depression from aging!  Humph! Not I says the brown cow!  When a person is loved and knows their worth, there is no reason to feel bad when a birthday rolls around.

me Katrina Gurl

The wisdom I have to share as a mother, friend and even relationship coach from my 41 years of being on this earth is PRICELESS!  I hope to live a long life to share all that is within me too. 

During my time being 40, I have had to face my old child being very sick in the hospital, a family member passing, heavy financial issues and gearing my entire family up to move to another state.  Through all the highs and lows, not only am I still here smiling, but I am coherent enough to know that I am a very blessed woman!

Turning 41 is a piece of cake…Literally! I am so darn proud and happy today that it’s a shame and I truly hope these positive words will help you to see your birthday in a positive light as well 🙂

Happy Tuesday,

~ Katrina Gurl


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