So, I went to drop off my baby-child to school, and then headed to pay a bill.  When I walked in the place I swiftly scanned my surroundings (as usual) and stepped in the line. I noticed that the line wasn’t too bad and there were only two folks ahead of me.  One old guy with his wife or lady friend and another guy that from behind looked as if he did either extreme sports or was very serious about his workouts!  The gentleman was built like a superhero or kinda like the guy in 300 (Gerard Butler).

As I was minding my own business waiting for my turn; the superhero looking guy finished his business at the counter and as he passed me by he says, “Good Morning, Beautiful.”

Okay so, at that moment, I looked around to see if he was perhaps talking to someone else, because this guy was very handsome and he looked no more than 30 to 35 years of age…eons older than me!  But it was only me, so he had to be talking to me. As I shook myself to reality, I quickly said, “Hey, good morning…how you doin today?”

He said, “I’m good…have a nice day.”

I say, “You too.” And then the guy behind the counter says, “I can help the next person in line.”


The moral of this share is this: No matter if you are in a committed relationship or married, we as humans are going to be attracted to other people. If you can see, hear and feel it WILL happen.

Here’s the knowledge in it all:

Even though we will not be able to control who we are attracted to, we can control our actions.  We are in FULL control of the actions we decide to take that will better our relationships or harm them.


If you have character, loyalty and respect in yourself you will always make a conscious decision to do the right thing in your relationship.


Of course it was flattering for a young and very attractive man to notice me today and I most definitely could have flirted with him and acted as if I was not even married, but would that be helpful to my marriage? NO!  Would that show character and self-respect? NO!


If you’ve answered “NO” to the above questions just like me, you too realize that yes, folks will be appealing to you, but we are in FULL control of how we handle it!!!

Awesome Tips:

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