Tuesday’s Love Jones – I’ll Tell You Why…Folk Wanna Holla (final sequel)


Last week’s Tuesday’s love Jones brought up a topic that has gained plenty of attention, but a few people had a lil more to say. Charles Cary started it off with WHY YOU WANNA HOLLA and then, we of PawiiBlogs did an answer-back with WOMEN HOLLA TOO and THEN Miss/Sista/Prechah added an an amazing answer to that with a piece I call CHERYL HAS SPOKEN and WE LOVE IT!

Now, to close this HOTT topic, we have with us the one that stared it all with us again.  Mr. Charles Cary with “I’ll Tell You Why…Folk Wanna Holla (final sequel)” let’s see what he has to say this time…

I feel that we all have valid points and it just goes to prove that life’s challenges are usually compounded. Which simply means that there’s always more than one reason why things happen whether good or bad in relationships.
Women do have issues with abuse (emotional and physical), or with not having a father, etc., etc. In addition I know men have issues with not having a father (man) that shows the right example, and many men have had to acknowledge abuse also.

Regardless to whether we’re dealing with men or women, there comes a point as an intelligent adult you have to look at knowing right from wrong. Not having been raised properly is a reason why things in your life have become dysfunctional, but it’s not a pass to never take responsibility. The highly educated and the uneducated have all taken a piece of chocolate without paying for it, or have taken a pen or pad home from the office.
Your moral compass will be with you everywhere you go, so in terms of a relationship and doing the right thing…I’ll say this. Love and morality is like a muscle. You have to work at making that muscle strong. Some days you want to work out and some days you don’t feel like it. It’s the fanatic or the person with the made up mind that usually has the better muscle.

So, what have you decided? Are you working out or not? The general problem with morality or our emotional status is that everyone does not contain the same amount of restraint. You may know better but that doesn’t make you strong enough, or wise enough to make the right decision and stand by it.

I’m sorry to inform you that the paragraph above is accurate and true, but you still cannot be excused and in the court of law you would be held responsible. The human factor is understandable, but not excusable. Now if you mess up and get your heart involved who’d you like to holla at?

THE END! (Or so we think)

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