Tuesday’s Love Jones – Check the Box if You Like Me!


Remember when checking boxes to know for sure how someone felt about you was an acceptable thing? Remember the rush you’d get when the note came back with a big “YES” checked in the box and it was just you were hoping for. Didn’t that take a LOT of the guess work out of the beginning of the relationship by simply knowing that he or she “LIKED” us? It was perfect foundation that began our first 2 month teenage relationship that was like the best ever!20130409_084357

I totally remember how carful I was to make sure the boxes were perfectly square and that the folding portions were easily accessible and that the delivery was a full success in class and timed perfectly so that the teacher wouldn’t even notice.

I wish the Check Yes or No note were still acceptable in relationships after marriage. It sure would make communication much easier, right?

“Hey honey, did you like that new thing I did in bed last night?  Yes?  No?

“Hey babe, do I look fat in this?”  Yes? No?

Wouldn’t that be so cool if we could answer questions like that on a paper quiz and after the answer was received they just had to deal with in and move on with no further questions asked.

Too bad communication has to change as we get older so drastically. But because the days of those notes are long gone, we have to keep communication lines open in our relationships in a very adult way and we do this by actually taking the time to talk.

Communication in marriage is like a life giving river. When husband and wife cannot communicate, a huge dam is built stopping the flow of water. This causes everything around them to suffer and slowly die. Seeds that were once planted cannot grow and both spouses develop a strong inward thirst for their unmet needs, eventually causing multiple cracks throughout the relationship. Many promising marriages have fallen into ruin simply because of a lack of communication.

Start by thinking of times when you felt emotionally connected to your partner. Communication was not a chore that required techniques, strategies, precision timing, or careful word choice. You were interested in him or her. You put things awkwardly all the time, but it didn’t matter, because you cared. You can do it, all you need to do is get back to basics.

Do you have memories of sending or receiving Those Notes?  Do you ever wish marriage was as simple as passing a note in class?


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