Our Manology Contest Winner!!!


For this cause we have CONTEST….

Because we love this book so much, PawiiBlogs will be offering this book free to a lucky winner to people that are already subscribed and also members of PawiiBlog and our facebook fan page.  Anytime we get our hands on a book that may appear helpful to the growth of RELATIONSHIPS, we take full throttle to dig in. Read our review here 

Our winner is Tamera Davis of Sacramento, California.  Her winning relationship advice sent in was as follows:

Dear Wedge, I have no idea if this advice will win any contest, but I do know that it works and has always worked for my husband and I to tell each other everything, even if we know full well the other person will not like what we have to say.  We are not mean to one another, just honest.  In our relationship, we truly feel that honesty at all costs is the way to make a marriage last.

Thank you,

T. Davis

Congrats Tamera! Hope you enjoy the book and please send us a pic of you with it when you receive it! Happy reading!!!!


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