Tuesday’s Love Jones – The Romance Confusion

It’s been true since the beginning of time….a lot of couple confuse romance with sex.

What is romance, what is sex, and why are they sometimes the same and sometimes not the same?

In Western society sometimes collapses these concepts to mean the same thing. We want romance with sex and we want sex with romance, but they are different. It’s when we get both that we are most happy!

Let’s start with sex. Sexuality can mean sex with your self, sex with a stranger, sex with a friend without love, sex with love, sex with romance, and any number of other combinations still, it’s sex.

Romance can be defined as adventure, a new relationship, excitement, fascination with someone that may or may not be real, exotic, out of the ordinary special treatment, and intense, often short-lived love affairs. The definition of “romance” in the Webster’s dictionary includes four, out of a total of twelve, references to love. The other eight definitions refer to writing and telling stories, imaginative tales or invented, fictionalized ephemeral adventures romance novels, with sex added in.

The ancient Kama Sutra details exact step-by-step lessons on wooing, courtship, romantic advances and practical solutions to obtaining both willing and reluctant lovers. Coy and furtive eye glances, specific movements of hands and limbs, how close to stand and how long to glance — these instructions portray the science of the romantic, mysterious processes that lead up to sexual activity. It has completely separate chapters on sexual activities, though these sections don’t seem nearly as detailed as the romance ones!

Whether it’s a hobby or a marriage, guys tend to become disinterested much more rapidly than women. Call it a fear of commitment, or blame yourself for the waning level of intensity – but whatever the reason, sometimes women find their man is losing interest in a relationship while they remain perfectly content.

This is why it is important for women to realize how to keep the spark alive in their long term relationship, and give their guy plenty of reasons to never wander.  If you suspect your boyfriend is losing interest, read on for five warning signs and solutions to repair your relationship. And how, you say?

Try 5 Simple and Nonsexual Romantic Ideas 

These tips are for couple’s who’ve been together for a long time and who are looking to bring back the spark in their relationship – while at the same time not spending a fortune.
These tips can also be used for couple’s who have just started dating, or even newly weds…any couple can benefit from some surprise and spice in their relationship!

  1. Remind your partner how much you know and love them. Write cute, romantic or interesting little sayings on colorful post it’s and stick them all over the house when you’re partner is away or asleep. Be creative – anything goes, it can be sweet and silly, cute, romantic or sexy.
  2. Tell your partner in the morning that you’ve booked a very important appointment for them and that they are required to be at home by a certain time. Treat them to a full body massage after a hard day at work.
  3. Have a “kids” fun night in – just the two of you. Pull a mattress into the lounge and have your very own “sleep over” with your partner. Play video games, watch funny and romantic movies and make pizza together.
  4. The next time you go grocery shopping, buy a small gift – a chocolate bar, a book, small appliance – whatever your partner enjoys and whatever you can afford at the time. Keep it hidden in a cupboard where they won’t find it. Surprise them with this gift when they least expect it.
  5. Pack a small picnic – whatever you have at home, even if it’s just a flask of coffee and some toasted sandwiches. Tell you’re partner in advance that there’s somewhere you both need to be early on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Don’t let them see the picnic goodies. Drive to an open spot and enjoy breakfast while watching the sun rise.

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