Tuesday’s Love Jones – A Slave Girls Mental State of Mind


Tuesday’s Love Jones will be dedicated all month long to what love must have been like in the days of our forefathers.  Welcome to our second post for 2013’s annual Black History Month Celebration!

I have often wondered how in the world slave masters contained themselves from being attracted to the beautiful slave women and men that entered their plantations.  Often times they did not!

Back then, in order to maintain the boundaries and ensure that a slave stays connected to their station to keep affairs intact, the Master or Mistress must remain intimately connected with His or Her property, but not allow personal feelings to interfere with the training or use of His or Her property. When a Master reciprocates love the slave will also try to take liberties, as he or she will forget that he or she is actually property and not the love interest.

In my opinion, attraction is attraction…no matter if it’s from the lowly hills of Africa or the beaten paths of southern plantations.  In my opinion, lust is lust…no matter if its comes from the trenches of back woods or from well-lit porches.  In my opinion, love is love…no matter if it’s through hierarchy and magistrates or in the driest cotton field and stables. Read a story of #MasterousLove

The mental mind set of a slave that has fallen in love with her master believs: “My Master loves me passionately. I know this because He tells me this every day. He does not falter when it comes to punishing me for a transgression. He does not falter from using me in whatever way He prefers, even when He knows it probably would not have been my choice. He does not allow me to forget my place at all and sometimes when I do, He puts me back into slave space so quickly that my head spins. Love has not found a way of diminishing His power or authority. Rather, I think, it has increased His dominance over me since He takes His responsibility even more seriously now.”

Question: Do blacks and whites still have issues with openly professing love to one another?

There have been numerous debates concerning the reason why white men do not want to marry black women. Although untrue, the argument is that white men don’t date and marry black women because they generally don’t find them sexually attractive. Historically, white men have been very diverse in their choices for mates. Wherever they laid conquest in foreign lands, they also laid the native ladies. Still today, the notion that white men don’t find black women attractive is preposterous, especially when numerous white male commentators on various television networks have openly claimed, that Beyoncé Knowles is their ideal woman. Other notable black women, that white men publicly love to dream about include- the actress Halle Berry, singer and song writer Rihanna, actress Stacy Dash, singer and actress Janet Jackson and models: IMANNaomi Campbell and Tyra Banks just to name a few. The reason why many white men don’t date and then marry black women today is not because they are sexually un-attracted; it is primarily because white men and black women have become culturally- the dominant sexes of their races. Consequently, it becomes difficult for one to submit unto the other.

White men have almost always had their choice selection of women- however stereotypical. Their choice woman is usually more subservient within the home. Why white men don’t marry black women is because they are in competition with the black woman’s ego- also known as, her attitude. The black woman’s attitude is by all means a product of her dominant role within her cultural household. It is something that she feels she has earned- and until recently- been unwilling to relinquish. Yet, with growing concerns over being able to find suitable black males to marry, black women have increasingly become more open to addressing this issue. Conversely, white males have yet to face this type of crisis and remain choosy amongst all races of women.

In your opinion, do you think black women still take on the mental mind set of a slave when it comes to dating or marrying outside of her race?

Next week we will be discussing Frederick Douglass

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