Cheering for the Other Super Bowl Teams Can Make the Whole Marriage Lose Footage!


Imagine you are from Baltimore cheering for the Ravens your entire life and your wife from Cali has cheered for the 49ers all her life with no real chance at changing anytime soon.  The Ravens are leading by leaps and bounds Super Bowl 2013 and before Beyoncé’s Halftime Show…well, your wife is seething, with anger, looking at you with piercing eye of anger!  You ask her to grab you a beer and the look on her face tells you that that is to no avail!

Beyonce Rocks Super Bowl Halftime Show With Destiny’s Child – Click to Watch

Many married couples are going to find their bliss somewhat tainted this year, because given the fact that the Baltimore Ravens has won 34 to 31 in a VERY close game this can be stressful in the relationship.  One thing about Americans when it comes to politics, money, health and family values we can become a little passionate and that includes sports…people take football that seriously!

However, on another note, a sensual not that is, this could be a good thing. Couples spend most of their marriages agreeing on things, and while agreement is loverly to keep peace in the home it can be reckless for the sex life. A good ole Super Bowl conflict could be just the thing to get the engines going if you keep a sense of humor about it.

Disagreeing can be good for a marriage. It can keep things exciting and passionate and allows couples to see each other in new ways. It can be very hot, indeed. If you LET it be.

I met a wonderful couple in Modesto, Jasmine Farley and James Thomas.  They use petty arguments as fuel to keep it hot in the bedroom. During their first session with KitKatCoaching James said “When Jasmine get all passionate about sport it turns me on!”   He went on to say that she never hits below the belt or takes it too far, so it more sexy than a real falling out.

Learn something new about your spouse through this, make a game of it and make it fun. Some of the biggest fights lead to the best make-up sex, right?  One of Pawii’s favorite sex quotes is: “Kiss me like you love me and make love to me like you hate me.” A disagreeable super Bowl is so perfect for sex like that!!!

In all seriousness, this shouldn’t be a great divide. It’s just football. Enjoy it and, if you win, don’t gloat too much.

Is Super Bowl fighting a problem in your house?

Funniest Super Bowl Commercial Ever!!!


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