Miguel watched her walk across the campus as he did every morning.  He sat at his usual booth in the coffee shop – coffee, pancakes and eggs in front of him, laptop open and paper folded back to the daily crossword – but none of this ritual would begin until he could see her no more.  What had caught his attention was the fact that she was older than the little chicklettes.  This was a woman – and a woman in every sense of the word.

Twylah had womanly curves.  She carried herself with grace and poise, and she had a quiet self confidence that turned him on in the worst way.  The other major turn on was the fact that she challenged him in class.  When Twylah stood up, all the other students sat down – they were aware that this was going to be some debate.  She had re-awakened the love that he once had for Literature – the same love that had made him teach in the first place.

His alarm brought him back to the present.  Miguel finished his breakfast and proceeded to his class.  He only had the one double session today – it was the last class before the 4th of July holiday and the end of his voluntary vacation make-up sessions.  He entered the classroom and moved to the podium.

There were about fifty chattering students in the hall.  Miguel’s eyes scanned the room for Twylah.

There she was, dead center of the room, facing the podium, chewing on the end of a neon pink pencil.  He couldn’t take his eyes off her.  She crossed her legs just then and his body’s reaction was immediate.  She wore a charcoal colored skirt, slit up the thigh, and opaque black stockings with black patent leather stiletto pumps.  Her matching jacket was unbuttoned and he could see her silk camisole straining against her full breasts. CONTINUE HERE>>>


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