Out of the Horses Mouth: Gary Brown on What Men Crave!


Have you ever wanted to ask a guy a question with the full knowledge that you’d get a straight forward answer? Kind of like hearing a response straight from the horses mouth so to speak.  Well, Our very own Gary brown of BlackMenTalk  is no horse as you can tell, but he is an honest, straight shooter willing to share exact knowledge from a mans point of view. PAWII Blogs asks:

What do Men Crave from their Woman?

1. Sex
Not much to say here that hasn’t been said by most. If the average sexually functioning Joe could get it at least once a day? Inside a relationship? Yeah, he’ll be able to function well.

2. Men want to feel wanted.
He doesn’t necessarily want to be the center of attention. He does want ‘your’ attention. At home, in the bedroom, and for many men some P.D.A (Public Display of Affection) is great. Some men will front on this, but when he receives a love note, a card, a flower or two on the job? Ladies, it does the SAME thing(s) to/for us!

3. Sometimes it IS his Ego
The male ego is an almost inescapable phenom, but when a woman manages this power well, she’ll stand to reap substantial benefits. By nature, men operate from the left side of the brain, so every once in a while a man could stand to have his ego-boosted sometimes.

If he does something really well, then let him know. Life isn’t always blissful and peaceful also. It’ll sometimes get the best of the best of us. Just be sure not to kick your man while he’s already on the floor. He may just find enough strength to walk right of the door. Be his positive reinforcement.

4. Fidelity
Most men won’t openly admit to feelings of insecurity inside their relationship, but men are subject to the same thoughts and feelings about it as many women are. If she’s giving it to him in truth and integrity, he’ll give it back.

There’s an often unspoken truth, and it’s that all women do not have the same priorities for a man in a relationship (and vice versa). So provided that a man is handling his business the way he should–inside of whatever the role-n-responsibility dynamic is in YOUR relationship–there are generally three things will keep a man quite content.

1. Feed him
2. F**k him
3. Let him sleep
4. Fidelity

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