DonnaMae Greaves: His Decadent Mistress…

Looks we were blessed with a surprise visit from one of our favorite writers! Enjoy this short story by DonnaMae Greaves…author of At Last available on AMAZON

His Decadent Mistress

His Decadent Mistress…

People always ring the doorbell when I’m up to my elbow in cookie dough, Karma grumbled, moving from behind her counter. She looked out the panel window and saw Ché – her assistant Lisa’s boyfriend’s brother. “Hello Ché – Lisa’s not here as yet,” she said opening the door.

“Oh I didn’t think she was,” he responded, stepping into the little shop. He followed her back to the kitchen and watched her walk back to her space. Mmm – mmm – good, he thought, appreciating the sexy sway of her full hips. Karma was covered in flour but there was something just naturally sexy about the way she looked. “I actually came by to drop off these chocolate-covered hazelnut pieces that you said you were trying to get.” Karma looked up – her eyes wide, her lips smiling.

“Ché are you serious?” Her usual supplier had informed her that there were discontinuing the hazelnut pieces that she needed for her biggest selling cookie, Hazy Hazelnut.

She had taken the leap of faith two years ago and left the world of chartered accounting to follow her heart and Lisa her assistant had leapt with her. They now ran a successful cookie shop and karma was the cookie mistress. She left the figures and marketing to Lisa – that was her forte. “You have no idea how thankful I am for this! Where did you find them,” Karma asked, caressing the burlap sack of pieces. Ché’s eyes were lost in her cleavage and it took him a couple seconds to refocus on her question.

“Huh? Oh – uhmm … I just asked around when I was laid over on one of my flights and they pointed me to the factory; but you may have to start making your bits yourself because they really are gonna stop doing them.” Karma looked up from the dough that she had returned to and smiled. Ché felt as if someone had punched him in the stomach. God, you’re beautiful, he thought as he looked into her chocolate brown eyes.

Karma was one those wholesome beauties. She was mixed in heritage, with beautiful cinnamon brown skin, and a natural blush on her cheeks. She wore her hair naturally and braided down her back. She had a ready smile and laughing eyes, and had no idea how sexy she was with her full figure – womanly curves and full beautiful breasts. He had been gone from the moment he had seen her but knowing his playboy nature, Lisa had warned him off and good. Unfortunately his yearning for Karma had just gotten worse over the past year. He did everything he could to be around her, and that night at the Decadence Cookies anniversary party three weeks ago when she had lamented the loss of her chocolate hazelnuts, Ché decided that this was the time to act on what he had been feeling for so long. He had scoured the internet night and day for a full week until he found the product and arranged to have it couriered to the city nearest to one of his airports. He was a commercial airline captain, so he knew his way around most of the countries he flew to.

“Ché are you listening to me,” she asked. It looked like he was looking at her, but now she was uncertain.

“Karma I’m sorry, I’m a little pre-occupied,” he said, smiling nervously.

“Uh-huh … what’s this lady’s name,” she laughed.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you,” he answered. Karma looked at him then, remembering that she had always thought that Ché secretly carried a torch for his brother’s girl. He seemed to always be in the shop and underfoot – not that she minded – Ché was very, very easy on the eyes. He was gorgeous actually … tall and built like a brick funnel, with the dreamiest brown eyes that seemed to look into a person’s soul.

“Well please don’t tell me, but answer me this. How can I ever repay you for this wonderful package,” she asked as she finished kneading the chocolate chocolate-chip dough. Ché watched her hands working the dough and wondered how it would feel to have her hands on his body.

“Dinner,” he blurted out, “My choice of spot and I don’t have to tell you where,” he raced to finish.

To say that karma was shocked was an understatement. She observed the uneasy drumming of his fingers on the table and looked up at his face. Yep, he’s nervous, she thought. “Okay deal – when?” Ché visibly relaxed.

“Well it’s Saturday, and you’re not opened tomorrow so what about tonight?” Karma smiled and nodded.

Later, while getting ready for her ‘mystery date’ Karma wondered what Ché had planned. She had discussed it with Lisa, who just sat at the butcher block table with her mouth hanging open. Her only advice had been to ‘look hot’. As she stepped into her bronze coloured silk teddy, she wondered if she was going to be properly dressed for whatever he had planned or over dressed. She picked up the black linen dress that she had chosen and giggled. Lisa said look hot; well this was one of her hottest dresses, with its fitted empire bodice and flowing skirt. The deep V-cut exposed quite a bit of décolletage but she had a fabulous bust line and she believed in making the best of what she was given.

Ché was speechless when he picked her up. “Oh … my,” was all he could manage. She gave him one of her killer smiles, and again he was hit in the stomach. They drove for about ten minutes until they came to a park. Ché handed Karma out of the car and she stood there in her clear stiletto sling backs wondering at her choice of shoes. Maybe I should have worn sneaks’, she chagrined as she surveyed the ‘land’ before her. She looked back to see Ché taking stuff out of the trunk of the car. “Stay right here and don’t move until I tell you,” he said, heading off between some trees. Had she not been comfortable with him, she would be a little nervous, and just as she was about to head back into the car, the corner of the park sprung to life with miniature tree lights.

She gasped as she finally saw the scene that was set between the trees. There was a table set for two, and another table with dinner set out. Wow, she thought, as she watched Ché walk towards her, red and white roses in hand. “Come with me,” he asked, holding out his hand to her. She stretched her hand out to meet his and the electricity that passed from him to her and back again was quite the delightful surprise.

Ché looked into her eyes and smiled. He relaxed when he noted her surprise. So far so good, he thought, placing her into her seat. He rested the roses in her lap and went about serving up the scrumptious pasta primavera dinner. When he finally sat across from her, they just sat looking at each other. Suddenly she was seeing him with new eyes, and he was just reveling in the way she looked. “Uhm,” she began, nervously fingering the brocade of the tablecloth, “This might sound silly, but I’m not hungry … for food that is.” She watched the slow seductive side smile form on his lips, and licked her own, biting the corner of her bottom lip – the way she always did when her mind was wandering. She never took her eyes of his lips as her mind wandered into his bedroom – wherever the hell it was – and she saw herself ripping off that really expensive looking Pima cotton shirt that he was wearing the hell out of. Karma had the sudden urge to get on top of him and ride him into submission.

He stood up and took her hand. “Come on,” he said, half pulling her, half leading her up a cobbled pathway. They arrived at a little cottage at the edge of the park.

“What is this,” she asked, not really caring, but she had to break the silence.

“This is my home. I hate apartments, and I couldn’t find a house that I really liked, and a friend of mine was selling this and moving to the mountains so I bought it from her. Come in.” Karma loved the cottage on sight but she didn’t care for a tour at this moment.

She walked over to where he stood leaning on the door, and leaning into him she kissed him like her life depended on it. He wrapped his arms around her. He moaned as she nibbled on his bottom lip and he groped her ass. With his other hand he tried to find the zipper for that confounded linen contraption she wore. She moved his hand to her side so he could feel the button that held the dress together. She felt him smile as she pulled his jacket off and felt for the buttons of his shirt. “Mhmmmm,” he muttered as his hands came into contact with the teddy. She stepped out of the dress and was about to take her shoes off when he stopped her. “Fuck no – leave those on baby,” he said pulling her towards the bedroom. He negotiated the furniture by instinct and she followed his lead. He kicked the door open and turned her to the bed, but she turned him around and he fell unto the bed. They looked at each other through lust glazed eyes, breathing heavily. She smiled at him and licked her lips. “God – when you do that – ooh,” he said.

“Shhh…,” she said and she leaned down and kissed him. He reached up and released her bun, watching in wonder as her hair fell to her shoulders. He had never kissed a woman with his eyes open, but this felt right somehow.

She moved her lips to his neck and shoulders and he shuddered as he felt the tip of her tongue on his skin. It felt like she had branded him. She let her hands drift to his waist band and she began to undo the hooks and his zipper. She reached into his trousers and shorts, and felt him throbbing against her fingers. It was her turn to shudder. Karma’s entire body was ablaze with a passion for this man that shocked her, but somehow there was no need to fight it. Ché put his hands on her shoulders and eased her back up to him. She complied. He slid the straps of her teddy down her arms, fascinated by her breasts. He leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth. She shuddered and held on to the back of his head. “Dammit Ché,” she started, “Wait a minute.” He never stopped his assault, his hand on the other breast. He looked up and shook his head.

“No babygirl, no stopping, not now – not ever.” He rolled, pinning her beneath him as he did. He stood up letting his trousers drop and peeled off his shorts. He reached onto the bed and removed her teddy. “Dayum,” he whispered as he adored her nakedness laid out before him.

“Come here baby,” she whispered, opening her arms to him. He climbed unto the bed and laid in her arms, kissing her tenderly as he did.

“Home,” he whispered as he let his mouth travel down the decadent length and width of her body. “You’re my mistress now,” he said, looking up from between her thighs.

“I know … and you’re my master,” she smiled, her body quivering in anticipation of what he was about to do. “Lay back and relax baby. I’m going to treat you so … so good.” She purred. “Yeah baby … make mama happy,” she whispered, pressing his face into her.

“Yes Mistress,” he smiled, as he kissed her inner thighs and went to work making her happy. It was his pleasure to brand this woman as his own … from the inside out.

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