Cool Research with Gary Brown

What does sex have to do what a Chakras…?

As a Relationship Coach, I truly try to study up on ways for couples to positively enhance their marriage through better communication and better sex.  When I came across the word “chakras” I had NO idea what it had to do with sex and why was SO MUCH research online about it.

Turns out that studies show that if you slow down enough in your lovemaking, you will begin to sense that there’s something more going on than skin touching skin- there’s also energy flowing between you. It’s about adding this energy to your physical touch. In other words, when you feel energy moving in your chakras you can enjoy both the physical and energetic qualities of sex. And of course that info led to this question… How can Chakras improve your sex life?

At this point of my researching, I realized that I needed a pro to explain this stuff to me if I wanted to share this with my clients. #TRUESTUFF, the very next day, my good friend, Gary Brown posted information about the energy of chakras on istagram…go figure!

 I asked him some questions and his wise self promptly answered them all…

  •  Q: What are chakras?

  A: The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit meaning ‘wheel’. Much understanding of the chakra system is rooted in the Hindu tradition. However, the Dravidians who originated from the country that is now known as Ethiopia also practiced Tantric Yoga, and can be seen in the hieroglyphs depicted on pyramid walls in Egypt. They can be considered the seat of all our thoughts, feelings and actions. There are seven main chakras or energy centers located at the midline of our body. They are connected to major organs or glands that govern various body parts. The lower (base) chakras constitute our instinctual being, while the upper/higher our mental being. Like turning cogs on a machine, they communicate with one another by way of a common connection through a channel which rises up the body with the spine.

  •  Q: Why are they important?

A: In these current times, many of us are desiring to experience life from a more positive, balanced and health-centered place. From eating healthier to creating better bodies, our goal is to consistently improve on our sense of well-being. Becoming acquainted with these [chakra] energies affords the ability to be more conscious of our physical, mental and emotional health. Simply put, doing the work from the inside out.

  •  Q: How will it help my future?

A: Understanding the how our chakras function, and learning their collective effect on the body can bring a sense of balance, well-being and awareness of each state of your being…mind, body and emotions. We find ourselves experiencing an influx of different emotions at any time i.e., happiness, sadness, joy, depression, etc. and it can be attributed to one or more chakras being active or inactive to greater or lesser degrees. If we can understand how chakras influence the body, then may become more aware of the shifts in our feelings, and then begin to govern/manage them accordingly. The goal is balancing the system—balancing our bodies.

  •  Q: Does it change the way our eternity is spent.

A: More aptly, it can readily affect the way you spend the present moment. Anyone can experience the benefits of chakra activation–whether consciously aware that it’s happening or not.

  •  Q: Is this a denominational doctrine or religious practice? 

A: To varying degrees, and as shared earlier, there’s evidence that Tantric Yoga practice has historically extended from Africa, Asia, and to the west. As an understanding of their being only ‘Supreme Being’, but many paths is becoming more accepted, its spiritual implications have more of an impact on wholeness and well-being than any appeal to religious doctrine is concerned.

  • Q: Can this practice bring healing?

 A: To the extent that anyone wishes to learn more about the chakras and their influence on the flow of energy through the body and how to bring each into balance, there’s an enormous benefit to be gained about healing ourselves through understanding it.

  •  Q: How can one being applying this practice in their daily lives today?

A: Yes, and you can begin the journey now! There are myriad resources available either in book or online for anyone who wishes to possesses more well-rounded knowledge of the chakra system.

Do the Chakra Test Free

A special thanks to Gary Brown of BlackMenTalk for the knowledge on this topic


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