Tuesday’s Love Jones – Why Men Love Pretty Feet…


PHOTO: Harry Belafonte and Dorothy Jean Dandridge in Carmen Jones (1954)

Do you guys remember that ole the Eddie Murphy movie Boomerang? Where Eddie Murphy is looking for a woman who in addition to having the desired facial appeal, knows how to dress, has sex appeal and is attractive. He wants the girl with the complete package as well as pretty feet. While in bed with his conquest, he pulls down the sheet from around her feet. He then checks to see what her feet look like. If there are problems, his interest in a relationship completely disappears.

Guys who like feet are more common than many people might think. Feet are curvy, sensitive and responsive to the touch. There are men who watch a woman from the head to toe. If the woman’s feet are not polished and sexy, they move on to someone else.

Any girl who watched Cinderella as a child drew a connection between men and feet. The prince immediately rejected the sloppy stepsisters for Cinderella, who possessed a pretty foot. Men, like Prince Charming, are visual creatures who are apt to focus on a particular body part.

Men who like pretty feet want to do more than just look at them. He may also want to suck your toes and lick them during intercourse. Men with foot fetishes can possible get a little freakier than your average beau, but we girls can always benefit from a great message out of the deal.

How to have prettier feet without a salon


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