There Is No Debate by Amir Bashara

There Is No Debate by Amir Bashara

HerbanSoul Media

I do my best to keep it down to earth like Sketchers & Timberland’s
However… hypocrisy might make me embarrass yo ass
in front of all these witnesses
The difference is…

Life to lyric
Lyric to life
Although there are a lot of artist with no knowledge of the things that they write
Then want to recite
Excuse me
I mean bite
Each joint is consistantly laced with garbage as if they don’t even know the price
of transmitting mental toxins into your system
Taking you out of sync out of rhythm
No revolution cuz the cause is lost
due to worship of miscellaneous items worth nothing
I bet
The cost
Not to mention false theologies, philosphies, norms & laws
Created by unjust men & mostly followed by the ignorant
When we should see through their lies for the are transparent.
Irrelevant to our developement
Yet there is a mad attraction
An influence leaving our minds diluted
with confusion starting and ending our days.
We receive no positive direction when the word of God is not of our selection
especially if we listen to urban radio all day.
I realize life is short but its too soon to be a goner
We must prepare ourselves cuz around the corner lies a new world order
Where there will be no black & white racist issues to march about
There will be those with knowledge of information systems & those without
Those without shall become the new underclass Ass out of the situation
As the world wide web takes over every nation
Even radio stations
For some it’s the beginning of the end
You may wish not to comprehend but CNN can be your best friend
Some rather listen to that nigga
That lying, trifflin ass nigga
Fill your mind with a series of hypothesis which amount to absolutely nothing
If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line tell me why is it that we walk around in circles
Over two years old playin the same role as if yo name was Erkle
When dress rehearsal ended a long time ago
With that time should come change but without knowledge of the time
Our mission is impossilbe cuz out thoughts are not logical
Meaning coinciding with the proper time & space
Thus a metamorphosis takes place
As we watch our blessings turn into curses right berore our very eyes
The tears of insanity is what this blackman cries from being caught in a vicious cyle watchig his people die.
Mere words are so powerful are so powerful
So controling
They posess the capacity to program our inner most thoughts
So people watch what you are teaching & beware be aware of what you are taught~ Brotha Amir

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Amir Bashara


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