Hellacious Love Wins by Katrina Gurl

Hellacious Love Wins

Hellacious Love Wins by Katrina Gurl

I feed his lust
As I feed mine
A win win thing
All the time

I take advantage
Because I can
Can’t tell if he’s weak
Or just being a man

A situation no. 9
Keeps this lust on fire
Hellacious love
Inflamed by desire

Seducing him daily
With a trick up my sleeve
Constantly compelling him
To never attempt to leave

Wanting what’s mine
And what is not
Selfish as sin
With a heart of rot

There may be love
Or maybe none
There may be a future
Only after lust has won

He ruins his chances
Each time he gives in
But I won’t have him any other way
Sep for sin

He greens our connection
To clean up his act
But I recycle our past
To make an impact

I see sudden changes
Of wrongs he wants right
But hellacious love
Wins one more night

by Katrina Gurl for The Balcony View Books

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