Tat Tips!

We thinks it’s fair to speak for all, well most women anyway when we say WE LOVE MEN with a body marked up!

Not outrageous like Lil Wayne or Chris Brown, but definitely tatted.  Tattoos show charter, tells a story and in some cases show exactly what a person believes in, is passionate about or represents in their lives.

Maybe you have been thinking about getting a tattoo, but should you? We must keep in mind that “tramp stamps” don’t look as sexy on a senior as it may on a 25 year old.  Before getting a tattoo, really examine what you are getting it for and take time to think about how it represent the future you. I’m a few months away from rewarding myself with a tattoo in honor of recent weight loss, so I am REALLY doing a LOT of RESEARCH!!!

Tats Are Permanent, so consider the permanence of your artist before you start!!! You never want to be left out to dry like these silly people that didn’t think it through.>>>>>

The most tattooed senior citizen is Isobel Varley, from the UK, who covered 93% of her body with tattoos.
Why do we fall? So we canl earn to pay more than twentyd ollars for a chest tatto o? WTH?????
Hope these 2 fools STAY together and never gain weight! Unless together…those are some really odd explainable lines!!!
No Words…only prayers
He got the tattoo to commemorate all the years he’s been taking advantage of Walmart’s five finger discounts.


Timing is key!!! Tattoo shops are busiest in the summer, so you may want to wait to get yours till after the summer rush. Tattoos need time to heal, at least 3-4 weeks and should not be exposed to direct sunlight or a lot of water during the healing process. A tattoo can be a beautiful piece of art that represents you, your family, your friends or your memories. They can be sexy, funny, sad, serious, political, symbolic and creative. They can be black and grey or vibrant colors. They can be hidden and your little secret, or they can be displayed for all the world to see, but no matter where they are…make sure you RESEARCH, ReTHINK and make WISE CHOICES with you TATS!


If you are a humanitarian type person that may be considering giving blood after getting a TAT here are the guidelines straight from “Amarican Red Cross.”

Piercing Eligibility Guidelines
Acceptable as long as the instruments used were sterile, one time use. Wait 12 months if there is any question whether or not the instruments used were sterile and free of blood contamination. This requirement is related to concerns about hepatitis.

Tattoo Eligibility Guidelines
Wait 12 months after a tattoo if the tattoo was applied in a state that does not regulate tattoo facilities. This requirement is related to concerns about hepatitis. Acceptable if the tattoo was applied by a state-regulated entity using sterile technique. Only a few states currently regulate tattoo facilities, so most donors with tattoos must wait 12 months after tattoo application before donating blood. You should discuss your particular situation with the health historian at the time of donation.

Tattoos are a beautiful thing, but take the time to do it right!
This will be a permanent piece of art that you will literally carry forever.

Jay’s is kinda PERFECT!!!!


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