Love you, Trust you, Adore you!


When we think of a woman and femininity, what are the first things that pop in your head?…

Some of our panel members described the physical attributes of a woman which were: curves, their walk, their softness, hair, mothering and gentleness, but did you know that femininity goes far beyond the physical? Did you know that Loving, trusting, adoring and needing your man are also signs of femininity?

Many woman today are replacing their stilettos in for combat boots to prove that they can do ALL by themselves and by doing that they are completely masking true femininity at the expense of their men. Men need to know you need them and they also need to know that you can rely on them. I proudly told my man today that I loved, trusted and adored him, because I know I can count and rely on him for whatever I need at a moments notice. Letting him know this will only make him appreciate you more while building his confidence and the relationship.

Think This: Dance to a new tune and strip off the emotional armor that keeps you from being naturally feminine in all walks of your life.

Men on Reel: The segment about MEN, but especially designed for WOMEN. The segment helps women understand the heart of a man and learn things that they may never tell you. Check out the trailer for Men on Reel.

Men on Reel on


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