The Books Are Arriving!

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An unadulterated collection of what we call a sensual utopia. This book is made up of many writers that have passionately shared their sensuality, poetry and short stories with us. We owe the complete success of this book to their genuine efforts to make this project a success.

Allow yourself the privilege of traveling through the hearts, minds and fantasies of several acclaimed authors and poets – from the abstract to the vividly picturesque; unearth the varied definitions and depictions of Eroticism. Steamy Trails Publishing has taken to task the exploration of ecstasy; giving freedom of expression and liberation in every sensual lesson.

The pages herein serve as the marriage chamber between the implicit and illustriously explicit ideals of passion, proximity and pleasure, with every varied tale purely undefiled. “Erotic Tranquility – Eroticizing the Masses” will take you to heights previously unknown and depths cautiously avoided, until now.

Lose your inhibitions and rediscover the place in which you learned to combine love and lust, desire and destiny. The flame never has to die, your resurrection is within. – Robert Gordon

Writers of the piece include: Alecia Johnson Ivory, Alexess The-AlterEgo, Antinea Maye Carpenter, Anthony Arnold, Brooklen Borne, Cheryl Faison, Cory Perkins, Damon Kimbrough, Del’Mar D. Plummer, Deep Thinker, Donna Ballard, GPA (Greatest Poet Alive), Emmanuel Brown, Evangeline, Katrina Gurl, Latricia Mazyck , Luther Parker Jr., Lyric, Marcel Terrell, Mimi Neko, Nike Binger Marshal, Nita Bee, Robert Gordon, Rosemarie Howard, Tracee Hanna, Trishvision, Thornne and Victoria Velato.


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