Anyone Can Ball on a Budget Now!

In the last year, layaway has been making a comeback, most notably around the holiday season. Walmart brought back its layaway option in time for Christmas after retiring it five years earlier. But even before then, Sears, Toys R Us, TJ Maxx and Best Buy had also revived their programs.

The reason? Since the recession, consumers have had a harder time getting access to credit cards, and many retailers saw an opening to finance purchases over time that seemed to have closed a few years ago. Plus with gas prices spiking so high, it has become hard to even budget gas to fuel a car to shop as much as we used to.

Sears has taken savings to a whole other level; Sears is NOW providing LAWAWAY plans for family vacations!!!!!! WOW!!!! Layaway used to be reserved for big-ticket items like televisions or leather couches. Now, you can use it for your summer vacation.

Sears will unveil, a new site and service in which customers can book hotels, cruises, car rentals and flights, as well as 100 pre-paid vacation packages starting at $399. And you put any of those packages on layaway.

There is absolutely NO REASON under the sun NOT to enjoy life. Some of us simply have to ball on a budget and with Sears we can proudly do that!

Make life happen, friends!
~ Katrina Gurl 🙂


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