Tuesday’s Love Jones – Put the Fireworks In Romance!

On July 4, Americans traditionally spend time with family perhaps in parks, campgrounds or on a beach, but this year for those couples out there with grown children that may be starting traditions of their own; how about considering celebrating this July 4th with the one you love for some GROWN FOLKS TIME???

Couples need that special time together!!!!

Setting aside a weekend to be together can create the passion your relationship needs to stay strong.  This special time allow couples to block out everyday life and focus on each other, and the love and feelings they have for each other.  Couples what’s truly important while building a family and with the stresses of life BUT  the time you spend getting away as a couple gives you the opportunity to escape the mundane routines of reality and create new, long-lasting memories that can be shared for a lifetime.

Here’s a song about what can happen without that special time Eric Roberson “At The Same Time” 

You can still have and old fashion picnic, but jazz it up by doing these things:

Head to a hotel for a few days…
Weekend Getaways Under $500


Seek out new locations you have never been to see the fireworks…
Cool places to see fireworks

Wherever you decide to go during this holiday make a big deal out of it just for the two of you!!!

Happy 4th of July! Be safe and have a blast 🙂


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