Tuesday’s Love Jones – Story Time Pt. 2

“Culinary Classes” (Dessie and Leon Pt2) by Katrina Gurl
Recap pt 1 “Take my Card”

The day went by fairly quickly for Leon.  He was always a real nice guy, but people noticed him smiling a little extra today.

       “Hello Miss Addie…enjoy your day!” Grinning from ear to ear, he says to Sherrice Addie that worked from the 2cd floor.  “Hey Mr. Johnson…let me get that for ya sir…enjoy your day!” He says as he opened the door for Mr. Johnson, in who carried two coffees and a briefcase.  Mr. Johnson just said thanks and quickly caught the elevator with Miss Addie.  Johnson knew that Leon was a nice guy, but today he seemed to be on an irregular high; he thought to himself.

      “You have a good day too, man.” Johnson says as he walked off.

Leon was beside himself thinking of spending time with Dessie!  In just a few short hours he’d be sitting across from his dream date.  The reality of that hit him like a ton of bricks when he realized that he hadn’t given much thought as to how he’d entertain the women.  He began wondering if any conversation he mustered up was worthwhile since she spent every day working and conversing with high powered attorneys all day.  For a second Leon felt a overwhelmed by that, but that quickly disbursed from his mind when he realized that he had been taking culinary night classes for the last year. Leon has wanted to open his own restaurant for a while and finally decided to do something about it.

As he sat there working through his shift, he thought about doing something a little special for Dessie.  He figured that she must have went for drinks plenty of times after work the various guys always in her face after work.  He thought maybe he could cook dinner for her at his place instead.  It wasn’t a school night, so he thought it would be perfect to ask her if she’s like to come to his house instead for a complete 3 course dinner cooked by him.

Just as soon as the thought popped in his head; he texted her from the card she’d left with him.

      ‘Hey Dessie, change of plans. I think I much rather cook you dinner tonight at my place, so don’t each a heavy lunch today’

         ‘How did the plans change from drinks?’ She quickly texted back.

          ‘Just wanted to do something special for you and also show you my skills around a kitchen’

          Dessie quickly read the text, but didn’t respond right away since she had just stepped into a meeting.  At least an hour went by before she pulled out her phone again.  She felt bad for making wait so long for a response, so she answered ‘yes, that sounds nice’ before she even realized that she’d had just afraid to actually go to this man’s home.

Back at the front desk, Leon was grinning even more than before as he checked out for his lunch break.  He had just enough time to hit the grocery store for various items to complete the meal and wine and drop them off to the house.  He wanted to make sure everything was set.  Then he received a text from Dessie…

To be continued 🙂

PAWII Story Time Invite on Youtube:

Happy Tuesday Folks!




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