Tuesday’s Love Jones Updates!

After a whopping 52 weeks of dedicated segments of “Tuesday’s Love Jones” we were astonished at how many people wrote in asking, “WHAT HAPPENED” last week when we did not post.  Usually we get NO COMMENTS and often very FEW RESPONSES, so of course we truly was under the impression that folks just were NOT tuning in.  Surprise, surprise, you really do…WOW!

Here’s what happened: right after we posted THIS VID to let everyone know about “story time” for the entire month of June; well, family was rushed to the ER and we were told very bad news.  This took a toll on the family and  focusing on writing was not a priority AT ALL!

Nevertheless, we are happy to know that people really do stop by to read with us.  All segments of this blog will be back on track soon and we truly appreciate all of our loyal readers!!!!  BTW, the family member is recovering and is getting better everyday…thanks God!!!!

Have a remarkable Tuesday and always remember to never let a day go by without being true to yourself, showgenuine love to others and to live each day with a purpose!!!!

~ Katrina 🙂

If anyone needs to contact me just visit me on facebook @ www.facebook.com/KatrinaPoetryCove


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