Tuesday’s Love Jones (TLj) – Story Time!

Tuesday’s Love Jones – Story Time
“Take my Card” (Dessie and Leon Pt1) by Katrina Gurl 

“Oh good, here she comes!”  Leon thought to himself as he patiently waited for the woman of his dreams to enter the corridor of the building where his station was.  Leon waited like this every day in an attempt to work up the nerve to approach her.   Her looks could have been easily intimidating for any man.  Dessie Michaels was about 5’8” with a smile that made him melt a little more each day.  Melting to the point that he’d let her pass by every day without saying one word to her other than a friendly, nonchalant ‘hello’.  This is going to be the day that I man up and speak to this woman with more words than just a simple ‘hello’, heck if I don’t do something; I’m sure someone else will; if they have not already.  Leon made a self-statement to himself like that almost every day, but this time he was serious.  Dessie Michaels was a paralegal from the 2nd floor.  She always seemed to have a rather large work load and pressed for time, which made Leon a little uneasy about bothering her.  Not to mention, he was just an information clerk as opposed to her working side by side with very successful lawyers and such, but not even that would stop him today.  Today was the day that he was going to finally use the script he had mentally prepared so many times.

            “Hello, Miss Michaels, I see your hands a full…again, so let me get the door for you.”  Dessie look up at Leon with a smile of relief.  Both of her arms were filled with paperwork in one and a laptop in the other.  Just as Leon walked towards her, the folder on top fell to the floor.  At that moment Leon thought to himself, “God is truly looking down on me!”  He also thought what better reason to start a convo than from a clumsy act by a pretty girl.  He grabbed the still intact folder and handed it to her saying…

            “Wow Miss Michaels, you work so hard around here, do they ever let you rest?” 

            “Morning Leon. And as far as rest…what rest? I even work in my dreams!” She says as he handed her the folder.  “Thanks so much! With the busy day I’m facing sure would be nice to have a folder picker-upper by my side.”  Then she smiled at him and headed to towards the elevators.

Inwardly, Leon took that as a hint and was not allowing his insecurities to settle in.  He called her name as he noticed a paper that he’d missed that must have slid from the folder.  “Miss Michaels? Hold on we missed one….it may be something important!”  As he runs to meet her half way.

            “Oh thanks again, Leon.”

            “Um, Miss Michaels? Join me for drinks after work…it’ll take a load off before you start your next shift.”

            “What next shift?” she says, looking as if perhaps she’d missed another deadline.

            “The one that shows up in your dreams, remember?”  Dessie immediately began to laugh with an undertone of relief.  Leon laughed with her, but his heart was pounding nervously in expectation of her response.  He had surly went out of his comfort zone by taking the chance to ask her out, but on the other hand, he really didn’t want to have to face the woman that turned him down every day working at that front desk.  Leon’s mentally crossed his fingers as she replied.

            “First, you can call me Dessie, you don’t have to be so formal and secondly, I would love that.  Maybe it’s just what I need before my dream job.”  Leon was so shocked that he looked a little dazed.  All the rehearsing that he did, he never really thought about what he’d say if she actually said, ‘yes.’

          “See ya after work, Leon and here’s my card, call me if you need to.” And then Dessie proceeded to walk towards the elevators again, but not before she looked back at Leon giving him that smile that always made him melt.

Dessie was so proud of himself and in awe all at the same time.  He was astonished with himself for actually being able to hold a conversation with her, but he was more surprised that she talked back to him.  Leon looked at the card she gave him.  He had already had that card long ago.  A lot of the workers in the building placed their cards in the empty fishbowl for a weeks end chance to win a free dinner for two fully paid for by the company.  He always made sure that Dessie’s card was in there even if she had forgotten to put it in each week.

Leon was just as happy as a bear with a bowl of honey and not even Mr. Whynnfields’s rude additude from the third floor that never had a kind word to say to anyone could mess up his flow of happiness.

         “Good morning, sir. Have a wonderful day” Leon knew there would be no response, but he didn’t care…he was going for drinks with Miss Dessie Michaels!

Finally on the 2cd floor, Dessie thought to herself of how refreshing it would be to hang out with just a regular guy.   She was so tired of those arrogant, superficial, self-consumed wanna-be “Willie Gary’s” type lawyers.  Dessie was so ‘over’ listening to men that ONLY thought of closing deals, winning cases, making money, driving expensive cars and worrying about statuses rather than the people they’d so-called counseled.   Dealing with men like that hitting on her all day was getting old real fast.

Dessie wanted and needed an ordinary man; someone who wasn’t in the profession and maybe Leon was that guy for a change.

To be continued!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Tuesday and stay tuned as story time continues for the entire month of June 🙂



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